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A Boy in a Michael Myers Mask

Russian Doll - Creepypasta

06 Jul A Boy in a Michael Myers Mask

“Contemplating how much crap individuals give this movie, it truthfully isn’t that dangerous,” Mark stated while taking one other sip of his beer.

His spouse, Claire, took another fistful of popcorn from her bowl.

“Simply you wait. This is one in every of my favorite elements arising.”

Within the subsequent scene, a boy sporting a pumpkin masks watched a flashing jack-o-lantern on a tv while a silly theme played in the background. Simply because the masks began to rot and the kid fell to the bottom, Claire heard the doorbell ring. She grunted with disappointment and set the bowl of popcorn down on the espresso table.

“Proper once we have been getting to probably the greatest scenes,” she stated with a slight hint of disappointment in her voice.

Claire stood up from their sofa and walked in the direction of the front door. Whereas doing so, she grabbed a bowl of sweet from their kitchen counter in addition to her witch hat. She positioned a budget cone on her head and made positive it was lopsided. As she walked down the foyer, she might hear her husband’s laughter bellowing because the sound of snakes and bugs squirming blared from the sound system. As soon as she opened her entrance door, she was greeted with the delightful, high pitched screams of young children.

“Trick or deal with,” all of them yelled in unison at an ear-piercing pitch.

“My oh my, aren’t you a scary little bunch,” Susan exclaimed whereas extending the bowl in front of them.

She allowed each kid to take two items. Most of them instantly went for the great things like Snickers and Reese’s. Simply as she anticipated, none of the youngsters went for the Almond Joys that had come in the variety bag. She didn’t actually mind, nevertheless. They have been her favourite, and it meant extra for her on the finish of the night time.

“Stay protected youngsters, and please watch out. This can be a busy road, so watch out for any automobiles.”

“Yes ma’am,” the group retorted whereas turning and operating down the cobblestone path that snaked by means of her yard.

One youngster coated in zombie make-up turned his head as he ran and yelled, “thank you!” Claire smiled and waved goodbye to the youngsters as they ran down her driveway and onto the sidewalk. As she watched them take off in the direction of the subsequent house, she caught sight of her neighbor strolling across the road. The 2 exchanged a friendly wave. The lady and her daughter glanced up and down the street before operating throughout it and as much as Claire’s entrance door.

“Completely satisfied Halloween, Margaret,” Claire stated while holding out the candy bowl for her daughter.

“You realize, I’ve been wanting all up and down the road for you! I’m guessing Mark went out with Tommy tonight?”

Margaret’s daughter, Elizabeth, shuffled by way of the candy within the bowl and tried to seek out one that might fulfill her cravings.

“Tommy truly went out with some associates from faculty. He was begging us all month to do it. I was slightly skeptical, but Mark was the one which identified that we have to let him off the leash somewhat bit. We came to a compromise that he couldn’t go previous Jefferson Road.”

Elizabeth squealed with delight as she finally found a Twix bar among all the pieces of candy. She positioned it in her bag and went back to scavenging via the bowl for an additional one.

“We also put a tracker app on his telephone just to ensure he listens. He’s by no means really been an issue with this kind of factor, but I simply needed to be protected.”

They each seemed down as Elizabeth made it recognized to the world that she had found two more Twix bars.

“The 2 of us have to get going. If we see Tommy anyplace he’s not imagined to be, I’ll offer you a call.”

The 2 ladies hugged, and Margaret took her daughter by the hand. As they walked down the driveway and onto the sidewalk, Claire seemed on with a smile. The 2 of them passed in front of her house and further down the street. Just as Claire was stepping again inside, she caught sight of something in her neighbor’s yard.

A toddler stood close to the edge of the grass. Claire guessed he was about ten years previous from his measurement. His small frame was coated in a pair of dark blue coveralls that have been easily two sizes too huge. His face was hidden by a Michael Myers mask that was meant to be worn by an adult, causing it to seem virtually comedically giant on the boy’s head. An orange plastic bag full of a small amount of candy hung by his aspect from a small fist. She assumed it was the Johnson’s child considering he was standing in their yard.

“Did you want some candy, Robert?”

The boy stood utterly silent and immobile. He simply continued to stare at her with the hole, black eyeholes of the masks. Claire had never really recognized Robert to be a talkative boy, so this hardly stunned her. Claire shrugged and shut the door behind her. She rested the bowl of candy back on the kitchen counter and plopped down into the cushions of the couch. Just as she found the right snug position, Mark nudged her.

“Would you thoughts grabbing me another beer?”

She glared at him with an exhausted look.

“You haven’t any self-reliance, do you?”

Identical to many different occasions prior to now, Mark flashed her a pitiful look.

“Pwease?” he asked in a mocking baby’s voice.

Claire grabbed the empty bottle from his hand and stood up from the couch.

“God, you’re insufferable,” she stated with amusing.

Claire walked into the kitchen and threw open the door to the refrigerator. As she grabbed one bottle, she figured that she may as properly get one for herself. As she placed them on the counter and opened a drawer to retrieve the bottle opener, something caught her consideration. Just outdoors the kitchen window, she saw a shadow fly throughout the grass in the gentle glow of their safety mild. She leaned nearer to the glass that had frosted around the edges from the chilliness of the night time air. A number of lifeless leaves tumbled across the grass as she scanned the yard for the supply of the movement.

Ding dong.

Her attention abruptly diverted to the entrance door. She left the bottles on the counter and grabbed the bowl of sweet once extra. As she flung open the front door, she was not greeted with the familiar cheers of young children like every other time that night time. Her front doorstep was empty. She glanced at her driveway to seek out no one in sight. It was not until she appeared near the sting of her garden that something caught her consideration.

The boy in the Michael Myers masks was standing close to the hedge that bordered Claire’s yard. He stood utterly still within the green glow of the Halloween lights that emitted from the front landscaping. At this point, Claire knew this was not the neighbor’s child. Although Robert not often talked, she knew that he was not one to tug pranks like this. She attempted to see any details of his face by way of the holes within the mask, however to no avail.

“Look, I don’t know who you’re, however both take some candy or get out of right here.”

She held out the bowl in his course. The boy tilted his head to at least one aspect as the Halloween lights changed to a shade of purple. He then pivoted on his heels and walked down her lawn in the direction of the street. He vanished around the hedge and out of her sight.

“Little weirdo,” Claire muttered to herself while opening an Almond Joy and popping it in her mouth.

As she set the sweet bowl again on the kitchen counter, Mark referred to as to her from his perch in the lounge.

“Who have been you yelling at?”

“Just some child who was standing in the yard. I noticed him across the road in the Johnson’s yard a few minutes ago.”

“Properly, did you supply him any sweet?”

“Yeah,” Claire responded while popping the caps off their beer. “All he did was stare at me and walk off.”

“Good factor I’m here to guard you, honey.”

She rolled her eyes whereas walking again to the living room.

“My ass,” Claire stated shoving the beer bottle in his hand.

She tousled his hair and sat down on the couch. With the popcorn bowl resting back in her lap, Claire picked up a handful and fortunately put it in her mouth.


She turned her head to seek out their dog standing on the again door, waiting to be let in.

“Oh, come on…”

Giving up her seat as soon as again, Claire dragged her ft to the again door and slid it open. The black lab pranced inside with delight and vanished into the kitchen to search for scraps. In its wake, a couple of leaves blew in via the door. Claire shortly rounded them up and tossed them again outdoors. As she appeared out over the yard, she observed the boy in the Michael Myers masks standing amongst the timber that backed up to the fence.

“Hey! What the hell are you doing back there?”

There was no response.

“Mark, you higher recover from here.”

Her husband grunted as he stood from the sofa and lumbered in her course. Using the door frame for help, he leaned over and stuck his head outdoors.

“I’ll inform you one thing, that isn’t the Johnson’s boy. Robert is a few inches shorter than that and some pounds heavier.”

Claire blew air from her nostrils and pinched the bridge of her nose in frustration.

“At this point, I don’t care who the hell he’s. I just want him out of here. If meaning calling neighborhood safety, then so be it.”

Mark stepped outdoors together with his bare ft smacking on the flagstone patio. He stood proper on the edge where it met the grass. His shadow loomed over the yard as he blocked a number of the mild coming from inside the home.

“Either you allow, or we’re calling safety. You bought that?”

The boy stood immobile and refused to reply.

“Are you deaf or something? Get out of here!”

This time, the boy moved. He set the orange sweet bag down in the pine straw and opened it. Reaching inside, the black handle of a kitchen knife emerged from the bag. The blade mirrored the moonlight and bounced it back in their course.

“Holy shit!”

Mark immediately threw his beer bottle straight at the baby. It hurtled by way of the air earlier than shattering in giant chunks towards his head. His small physique slumped and fell to the bottom with a tender thud.

“Mark, what the hell is mistaken with you?!” Claire cried as she ran by means of the doorway.

“You noticed that! The child had a fucking knife!”

“He may need a concussion now, because of you! Do you need to have assault costs introduced on us by this kid’s mother and father?”

“I doubt they might do something to us once they realized he was carrying a knife round. Simply take a look at the dimensions of that factor!”

Mark turned as he pointed in the boy’s path. To his shock, the kid was gone. All that remained was the darkish brown glass of his beer bottle scattered among the many landscaping.

“The place’d he go?” Mark requested whereas stumbling backwards in the direction of the home.

Claire took a couple of steps again herself and fumbled for the telephone in her pocket.

“That’s it. I’m calling the cops.”

Mark adopted her back inside and locked the door behind them. As the blue and white colours emitting from the television danced around the room, Claire dialed 9-1-1 and spoke with a dispatcher. Although troublesome at occasions, she managed to maintain the panic from seeping into her tone.

“They’ll have an officer here in about six minutes.”

Her telephone out of the blue rang, causing her to leap. Wanting down on the display, she was met by the contact photograph of her son dressed up as Physician Strange that she had taken that very afternoon.


“Hey, mother. I’m virtually residence. Is it okay if my buddies come over in a couple of minutes and watch some films? They needed to go change because we slipped in mud.”

At this point, her son’s messy clothes have been the least of her considerations.

“That’s high-quality, pricey. Just please hurry residence.”

“Alright. See you quickly,” he stated with delight as the call ended with a beep.

Claire shoved the telephone again in her pocket and looked at her husband. Mark was staring out the kitchen window together with his nose pressed towards the glass.

“Any signal of the kid?”

“Nothing yet,” he stated whereas turning in the direction of the yard. “It’s like he simply disappeared into skinny air.”

There was a knock on the door that brought about both of them to jump. Claire breathed a sigh of aid and shortly walked in the direction of the door. She threw it open and greeted her son with a sigh of aid because the cool night time air flooded inside.

“I’m so glad you’re hom-”

The doorstep was empty, save for a couple of bugs that danced around the overhead mild. Claire panicked and commenced frantically wanting back and forth.

“Tommy,” she referred to as into the cool, night time air.

Stepping ahead, she was met with an unsettling crunch underneath her foot. She slowly seemed right down to find a piece of plastic cracked underneath her shoe. As she lifted her foot, she recognized it because the magical defend that had include Tommy’s costume. A knot shaped in her stomach and she or he started to lose her stability. Propping herself towards the door body, she referred to as for her husband.


He got here barreling down the hallway instantly.

“Is he out here once more?”

Mark followed his spouse’s eyes right down to the bottom. When he noticed the items of shattered plastic resting on the concrete, the colour drained from his face.

“I’m grabbing my gun…”

Earlier than Claire might cease him, her husband had fled to their room to retrieve the firearm from the top shelf of their closet. As she watched him disappear round a corner, she heard a noise come from the driveway. It appeared like something falling on the pavement. She timidly approached the driveway and peered across the back of her automotive. She was met with nothing but the website of an empty sidewalk. She crept nearer to the road and was stunned to really feel her foot slip in one thing. She glanced right down to discover a small puddle of blood near the back tire of her SUV. Her shoe had smeared some of it across the driveway in a dark, crimson streak. Tommy’s cellphone lay on the concrete with the display cracked. Claire’s contact was still pulled up on the telephone app.

“Mark!” she screamed on the prime of her lungs.

Within a matter of seconds, her husband came operating via the front door with a pistol in his grasp. As he came nearer to her, she pointed on the puddle illuminated beneath the sickly yellow glow of the road mild. Mark wrapped an arm tightly around his wife pulled her away from it. He was met with resistance as she broke from his grasp and ran in the direction of the road. As Claire glanced additional down the sidewalk, she might see a path of blood illuminated beneath the streetlights that dotted their means down the street. She felt her head spin and her knees start to weaken. She soon fell to the ground and commenced to sob. Mark rushed to her aspect and bent right down to cradle her.


She continued to scream her son’s identify into the cool night time air, solely to have it echo again as if the world was taunting her. As her cries carried up and down the road, scorching tears ran down her cheeks. Mark held her tighter as the two have been bathed in the purple and blue glow of an approaching police automotive. The car pulled up to the curb and the deputy threw his door open as he caught sight of them. As he approached, Claire’s voice continued to pierce the night time, solely to be lost within the howling wind.

Credit: StarlessandBibleBlack (Creepypasta Wiki • YouTube)

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