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A Lonely Machine – Creepypasta

The Disappearance of Otis Jiry


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Estimated studying time — 7 minutes

Roger glanced around the desert once more. Nothing however the cloudless sky and the sand scattering within the wind, with a couple of cacti dotted around the panorama. With nothing else to do, he checked his magazine, already understanding what number of bullets he had. Full. Adjusting his helmet, Roger sighed and turned back to face Elliot.

“What a waste of time. It’s scorching as hell on this uniform. I fucking hate being deployed in the desert. The sand’s more of a menace than anything I’ve seen up to now.” Roger picked up a handful of the yellowish dust, letting it slip between his gloved fingers.

“Yeah, if there have been any precise threats out right here. I can’t keep in mind the final time we truly noticed anything.” Elliot replied, staring off into the horizon, his visor dampening the brilliant sunshine. His heavy boots have been sinking barely into the bottom, inflicting him to continuously should re-position his ft.

“Me neither. Nonetheless, higher than just sticking around back at base, getting yelled at by Sergeant Brills.”

Elliot narrowed his eyes. “Hills. Sergeant Hills.”


The solar beat down heavily upon the pair as they moved onward, barely bothering to verify their surroundings. The panorama was virtually utterly flat, not a single incline in sight aside from a cluster of curved dunes mendacity within the distance.

“Some guys have been telling me about out here,” Elliot spoke up.

“What did they say?”

“Eh, it was some weird conspiracy concept sort of story. Allegedly, the military developed some weird cyber-robot thing, making an attempt to make the last word soldier. Like within the films. The factor, they stated it was like…like a synth from Fallout. Uncovered wires, metallic plating. Within the shape of a human, proper?”

“Yeah, go on.”

“So, they made the body and the consciousness of the thing, they usually needed to offer it feelings as a check before they gave it organs and such, y’know, to attempt to make it as near a human as they might, so it might blend in. Additionally they gave it a bunch of particular talents, like superpowers. No one knew what sort of powers, but there have been loads of ideas from everyone. Stuff like laser imaginative and prescient and secret machine weapons hidden in its arms.”

“Seems like a load of shit to me. Troopers are all the time making up stuff to entertain themselves.”

“Yeah, but right here’s the thing. Once they gave it emotions, they went too far. Ended up making it too actual. So it didn’t need to struggle and stuff, it simply needed a traditional life. And earlier than they might disassemble it and begin over again, it ran off into the desert. A few of the guys stated they saw it the other day, moping around in its metallic body.”

“Heh. Perhaps we will catch a glimpse, make this deployment useful. Let’s head over to the dunes, there is perhaps a number of targets camping there.”

Nodding, Elliot walked calmly by Roger’s aspect, noting an more and more ominous feeling because the dunes moved nearer. They have been principally clean and curvy, with some giant chunks of rock scattered around, poking up from the sand. Roger headed as much as the highest of one of many slopes, staring out across the horizon.

A small opening was poking out from the aspect of one of many dunes, seeming to steer into a cavern of some type. Intrigued, Elliot quietly stepped inside, forgetting to report the invention to Roger in his curiousness.

It took a number of seconds of adjustment before Elliot’s eyes might make out something. The cavern partitions have been coated in weird etchings, stretching out across the ceiling. Strange footprints have been etched within the sand where Elliot’s boots lay, not like that of one other soldier or animal. Elliot traced his hand across the marks. The longer he seemed, the more comparable they seemed to words or phrases. He might simply make one among them out.

“Lonely. So lonely.”

Taking a step again, Elliot gasped, frantically glancing across the partitions as soon as extra. It was the identical message, carved all over the place it might match.

“Lonely. So lonely.”

Elliot rushed out of the cavern, the earlier sense of dread now encompassing his whole physique.


Roger’s arms have been twitching barely, his face pointed upwards to the sky. The pores and skin from his legs started to peel back, exposing a chrome-colored surface. Within a number of seconds, Roger’s physique had shed like snakeskin, his uniform dropping to the sand. And standing in Roger’s place, a grayish android, the sunshine beaming off its polished torso.

“Why did I even attempt?” The robotic’s voice was barely metallic, like a monotone text-to-speech engine.

Elliot’s mouth drooped open in shock.

“Roger had a family. I might really feel his reminiscence of them behind my consciousness. It’s a aspect impact of the process. In taking up a body, I achieve entry to their reminiscences. Roger had a spouse and a child. One other feeling I’ll by no means really know,” the android continued.

The saggy mound of Roger’s wilted flesh rolled slowly down the slope, piling up at Elliot’s ft. Elliot felt as if he would vomit.

“I can solely host the appearance of a body once it’s lifeless. That’s how I used to be programmed. It was an infiltration tactic by my designers. I assume it did work in any case. Roger was lifeless earlier than you have been even deployed with him. I discovered him alone within the desert yesterday, separated from the opposite soldiers. He was a goner anyhow, I suppose. Dying of heatstroke and dehydration. Still doesn’t make me feel higher.”

There was an extended pause. The wind started to whistle by way of the dunes.

“I just…needed to fake. Fake I was human. Fake I had pals, connections, individuals to speak to and take heed to. There’s nothing to do, no-one to speak to out right here. They harm me, Elliot. They broke me aside and built me up again time after time, till they obtained me good. The scientists. The docs. I can never go back. I’d be scrapped for elements.”

Elliot aimed his rifle instantly on the android, emptying his whole journal into the creature. The deafening sounds of gunshots echoed by way of the desert, carrying on for miles.

“I’m bulletproof. Go ahead. Kill me.” The android’s weary voice continued. “You aren’t the primary to attempt.”

Bullets bounced off the machine’s metallic plating like hail off a automotive windshield. Exasperated, Elliot pointed his weapon down, staring blankly at Roger’s remains.

“He was my good friend.”

“Assume your self lucky for what you had, as the enjoyment of friendship is unknown to me.”

Elliot scowled. “What are you? What the fuck even are you?!”

The machine turned to face Elliot, exposing its bulbous, robotic eyes. Its face was expressionless, unable to convey even a single emotion.

“You actually do not know, don’t you? You’re barely much less of a machine than I am. Need me to point out you?”

Slowly, the robotic stepped over a bit of Roger’s uniform. Its actions have been janky and unnatural, a quiet whirr escaping its physique every time it took a step. Earlier than Elliot had a chance to react, it had snatched a handgun from the sand and shot a bullet straight by means of Elliot’s temple. Elliot stumbled backwards, collapsing face first onto a rock.

Surprised, Elliot steadily pushed himself back onto his ft. He was alive. Reaching a shaky hand to his head, he might really feel two glowing wires poking out from his skin the place the bullet had gone via. On the aspect where the bullet left, he felt a large pc chip embedded inside him. A mechanical voice echoed via his head:

“Structural injury detected. Repairing wounds.”

A surge of unimaginable ache built up quickly in Elliot’s temple. He screamed violently, a gush of blood flowing down his face. The opening was burning itself shut, the damaged skin fixing itself again together on both ends. Elliot gritted his tooth, on the verge of tears. A number of more seconds passed, and the damage had utterly healed.

“You’re a prototype, like a number of the others. I might tell by the glint in your eye. All prototypes have the glint. You’re half human, half machine, Elliot. Roger wasn’t a prototype, however I reckon he would have grow to be one ultimately, had he survived a number of more weeks at base.”

“What…the fuck…did they…do…to me?” Elliot panted, his palms clutched onto both sides of his head.

“What they’re going to do to everybody. Why make one ultimate soldier when you can also make hundreds of thousands by means of the miracle of cybernetics? In fact, you aren’t meant to seek out out. There’s a device in your head that deletes the reminiscence of seeing the wires and pc chips for those who get injured within the area. It works for seeing different individuals’s accidents too. I simply shot straight by means of it. If I had shot you in the leg, you’d have forgotten there was any damage in any respect by now.”

Elliot fumbled round together with his holster, ultimately pulling out a ridged knife from his waist. With little hesitation, he stabbed the knife deep into his arm, ripping open the flesh like paper. A collection of flashing lights and green cards uncovered themselves, coated in a slimy layer of damaged pores and skin. Elliot dropped to his knees, crying out as soon as extra in agony.


In a psychotic rage, Elliot dropped the knife and commenced to tear out the hardware, tossing it carelessly via the air. Metallic wiring and rugged chips flew out of his forearm, scattering onto the sand. Quickly, only an empty area was left, devoid of bone or muscle.

“Kill me. Kill me!” Elliot begged the robotic, grovelling at its metallic ft.

“No. You aren’t the first to ask,” it answered, wanting down upon Elliot with pity.

Jabbering insanely, Elliot leaped off the highest of the slope, landing on his neck with a savage crunch. The robotic gazed down at his damaged body, because the sand in the wind slowly piled on prime of the soldier, the desert swallowing him entire.

Credit: Just a Guy

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