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Humanitarian Hoax is a deliberate and deceitful tactic of presenting
a damaging coverage as altruistic. The humanitarian huckster
presents himself as a compassionate advocate when actually he’s the
disguised enemy.

Black-only school graduations – a deleterious

The humanitarian hoax of black-only school graduation ceremonies
is a basic instance of destruction disguised as altruism. Let’s
look at how resegregation has turn out to be trendy.

Martin Luther King Jr. was the icon of the civil rights motion
in the USA from 1955 till his assassination in 1968. Dr.
King advocated nonviolence and civil disobedience just like Gandi’s
nonviolent activism. At the legendary 1963 March on Washington Dr.
King delivered his famous “I’ve a dream” speech which exhorted
People to guage each other by the content material of their character, not
the color of their skin. His impassioned speech facilitated the
passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which outlawed discrimination
based mostly on race, shade, faith, intercourse, or nationwide origin.

The Civil Rights Act, signed into regulation by President Lyndon Johnson,
is taken into account probably the most comprehensive civil rights laws since
Congress handed the 13th Amendment to the Constitution
that abolished slavery in 1865. What occurred?

From the 13th Modification to voluntary

The 13th Amendment and the Civil Rights Act have been
legislative cures designed to realize the Constitutional precept
that each one males are created equal. Black People, white People,
brown People, purple People, and yellow People – one united
American family indivisible by colour. Being American is the
basis and common denominator of equality.

In a surprising 5.16.19 article
written by Drew Van Voorhis, he reviews the findings of the National
Association of Students (NAS) research of Neo-Segregation, the
voluntary racial segregation of scholars. What?!?

Neo-Segregation is the consequence of social scientists
eliminating the benefit system in favor of racial quotas. Racial quotas
in the 60s resulted in elite universities like Yale, admitting
under-qualified minority college students who have been doomed to fail. Over a
third of the students dropped out, and people who remained have been bitter
and indignant.

It is very important keep in mind that had an equal number of
under-qualified white students been admitted they might have suffered
the identical failure fee. This was all the time a qualification problem and not
a racial problem regardless that it was race-based.

From remedial courses to black-only school graduations

As an alternative of studying from the failure charges and emotional misery
that failure inevitably brings, the social scientists doubled down
and offered remedial courses for under-qualified students in another
ill-advised try and degree the enjoying area.

The end result, in accordance with the NAS research, was that college students turned
to each other for emotional help and located inspiration in black
nationalism. Radical and militant black groups on campus provided a
new separatist ethic that rejected integration in favor of id

The NAS report states:

On campus after campus, black separatists gained concessions
from administrators who have been afraid of further alienating blacks. The
pattern of school administrators rolling over to black separatists
calls for got here to dominate much of American larger schooling. The previous
integrationist superb has been sacrificed virtually solely. As an alternative of
offering opportunities for college kids to combine freely with students of
dissimilar backgrounds, schools promote ethnic enclaves, stoke
racial resentment, and construct organizational buildings on the idea
of group grievance.

Black-only school graduations – intentional
racial pressure?

Extra that 76 of the 173 universities studied by the Nationwide
Affiliation of Students, a whopping 44%, host black-only graduation
ceremonies. Even Harvard
College hosted its first black-only graduation ceremony in

What would possess university directors to surrender to black
separatists calls for and implement black-only research lounges,
black-only clubs, black-only housing, black-only courses, black-only
scholarships, black-only scholar associations, and black-only
commencement ceremonies? Why has segregation turn out to be desirable once more?

If you wish to know the motive take a look at the outcome. Race based mostly
distinctions foment racial divisiveness and are antithetical to
racial concord. Leftism preaches unity but its insurance policies foment racial
pressure. Can anybody think about if these similar universities held
white-only commencement ceremonies or had white-only research lounges and

Reverse discrimination is the fallacious reply to the correct drawback,
and is as egregious as the unique discrimination. Harvard
disingenuously describes its segregated graduation ceremony in lofty
terms as being, “designed to have fun their distinctive struggles and
achievements at the elite establishment that has been grappling with
its historic ties to slavery.” Actually?

Black-only school graduations promote
separation, not harmony

If the nation’s aim is racial inclusion and concord, then
commencement ceremonies can be anticipated to rejoice the shared worth
of scholar achievement regardless of the colour of their pores and skin.
Graduations would honor white college students, black students, Asian
college students, Indian college students, and Latino college students experiencing scholar
life collectively. It might recognize the social value of learning
together, and the commonality of studying collectively, attaining
together, and graduating together.

Younger youngsters on playgrounds naturally fulfill Martin Luther
King’s dream effortlessly as a result of they naturally give attention to character
and not on race. Students at leftist schools unnaturally concentrate on
race as an alternative of character. What occurred?

Racism – a useful gizmo of the Left

Why did resegregation turn out to be trendy? As a result of the left
realized that racism is a useful and powerful political device to
create divisiveness and social chaos in America.

Race-based policies aren’t solely an admissions debacle, they’re a
menace to the productiveness of America. Decreasing educational requirements
and course requirements collapses the integrity of universities and
leads to many useless levels. Caps and gowns grow to be costumes of
competence that don’t mirror actual competence.

Underneath-qualified students who can’t compete in the classroom
can’t compete in the workplace both. This creates extra anger,
bitterness and simultaneously makes America much less productive. It is
the benefit system that drives the engine of a fair, profitable,
competent, unbiased, productive America. In the actual world,
competence is the mom of vanity.

It’s the acquisition of expertise and competence that really make
students pleased with themselves – not the social engineering of leftist
sociologists disingenuously insisting that performance, achievement,
and benefit are oppressive constructs of the white man. The blame recreation
is a damaging, regressive, and deceitful strategy calculated to
foment racial discord as a result of the leftist leadership understands that
anger fuels the revolution.

Deliberate division

Social chaos is the prerequisite for seismic social change. The
regressive left is inciting divisiveness, discord, and violence to
make America ungovernable in its quest to make America socialist.
Leftism has lots of assist nowadays from Islamists and globalists
who have widespread trigger to hitch the “resistance” and destroy
America from within.

Neo-Segregation is a deliberate and alarming return to the
fractious, divisive, hateful, era of racial conflict earlier than Martin
Luther King.

The racism and black separatism that has torn school campuses
aside is now embraced by New York public faculties Okay-12.

What’s a white-supremacy culture?

Think about the “white-supremacy tradition” training program for
faculty directors being promoted by New York City Division of
Schooling and Faculties, Chancellor
Richard Carranza. His shockingly racist slide present presentation
is derived from “Dismantling Racism: A Workbook for Social Change
Groups” by Kenneth Jones and Tema Okun.

These are the soiled dozen hallmarks of “white-supremacy tradition”
that faculty administrators are directed to keep away from:

  1. Perfectionism
  2. Sense of Urgency
  3. Defensiveness
  4. Amount over High quality
  5. Worship of the Written Word
  6. Only one right approach
  7. Paternalism
  8. Both/or considering
  9. Power Hoarding
  10. Worry of Open Battle
  11. Individualism
  12. Progress is Greater, Extra
  13. Objectivity
  14. Right to Comfort

Martin Luther King v. Malcolm X

Chancellor Carranza’s brazenly race-based perspective is
explosive. His 14-point obligatory coaching program assumes “implicit
bias” and “white privilege.” His directive creates reverse
discrimination and a doctrine of “toxic
whiteness.” As an alternative of embracing Martin Luther King, Chancellor
Carranza has chosen civil rights activist Malcolm X to emulate.
Malcolm X, a black separatist and supremacist, advocated towards
racial integration. As an alternative of supporting an American family of
equality, integration, and equal alternative, Malcolm X indicted the
white group and blamed “whitey” for the failures in the black

In a letter
addressed to Dr. King on July 31, 1963, Malcolm X describes the facility
of racial tensions saying, “A racial explosion is more damaging
than a nuclear explosion.” Malcolm X, minister of Muhammad’s New
York Mosque at the time, sarcastically acknowledged the “minor”
differences between his personal strategy and that of Dr. King.

Policies failed in university; they may fail in

Failed college insurance policies of racial divisiveness are being
repeated in New York faculties by Chancellor Carranza, and are
supported by his leftist boss Mayor Bill de Blasio. De Blasio, a
radical socialist/communist, understands the long recreation of social
chaos that racial divisiveness necessarily generates.

Race-based insurance policies will fail in Okay-12 simply as they failed in
universities. As an alternative of Dr. King’s dream of concord and respect,
Carranza’s racial policies encourage the nightmare of racial
divisiveness and anarchy.

Equality of alternative, not end result

America is predicated on equal alternative – not equal consequence.
Competence is the mom of vanity. If directors need to
develop college students who grow to be citizens with vanity, they need to
abandon the failed strategy of artificially leveling the enjoying
subject and insist upon equal alternative for all college students white,
black, brown, or yellow. Solely then will America reunite and decide
each other by the content material of character and never the colour of our skin.

Resegregation just isn’t a humanitarian effort that respects the black
experience. It’s a sinister exploitation of black students that
fuels their anger and makes them useful to the revolution. Social
chaos is the prelude to tyranny. The humanitarian hoax of black-only
school graduations is the deeply dividing intentional fomenting of
racism designed to tear America aside and make it ungovernable.

Resegregation is the humanitarian hoax designed to ignite racial
tensions that may set off the nuclear explosion of anarchy that
Malcolm X predicted. Anarchy is the leftist strategy for seismic
social change designed to make America socialist – the required
precursor to at least one world authorities. Recreation over.


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