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Comus – Creepypasta

Russian Doll - Creepypasta

17 Jul Comus

There’s an image that I hold pushed away behind my mind. Sometimes, it makes its approach out and I can see that horrid face as soon as extra. My limbs go numb and I can feel my throat begin to tighten as each grotesque detail may be seen in my mind’s eye. Regardless of how onerous I try to suppress it, there’s no strategy to absolutely overlook pure evil.

I raised my youngsters by myself. My wife had handed away in a automotive accident. She had been hit by a drunk driver operating a purple mild. My daughter, Elizabeth, was seven on the time, and my son, Nicholas, was only four. To today, the best problem I confronted in my life is having to inform them that their mom wasn’t coming again. Even the day after the funeral, they walked round the home anticipating her to jump out from behind a curtain-like she was just enjoying disguise and search the whole time. Maybe it was resulting from their younger minds being unable to understand the loss of their mom at the time, but I feel that they only didn’t need to consider it.

After I acquired her life insurance coverage, I made a decision that we would have liked to maneuver to a unique part of our neighborhood. I needed the youngsters to still attend the identical faculty and have the same pals, however I couldn’t stand the dangerous reminiscences I had in that house. Hardly an evening went by once I didn’t cry myself to sleep with my hand feeling the empty spot beside me. It took a couple of months, but we ultimately adjusted. Typically once they have been enjoying within the backyard, I might catch myself observing my wife’s portrait on the mantle above the fireside. A smile would cross my face and I might really feel a tear run down my cheek. At this point, I not cried from unhappiness, but from happiness. I’d finally accepted that she was in a greater place and our lives have been going to get better.

All of that modified the day I saw it within the woods behind our home.

Once we switched houses, we moved into one on the edge of our neighborhood. It was in a cul-de-sac instantly throughout from certainly one of my youngsters’s associates. Not only was it an amazing social location for them, however I also desired a small little bit of isolation for myself. I might nonetheless have my own companions over for a drink, however I did take pleasure in simply sitting on my back porch watching the birds fly around the timber within the yard. The timber went on for what seemed like an eternity, giving me a feeling that I was the ruler of an countless area that began in my yard.

At some point while I sat in my chair with a bottle of beer in my hand and a guide within the other, I heard Elizabeth call from the sting of our garden. Once I requested her what she needed, she turned to me with extensive eyes and a trembling hand outstretched and pointing in the direction of the woods. I strained my vision to attempt to find what she saw, however was unable to. I rested my ebook and drink down on a close-by table and walked throughout the grass to satisfy my daughter. I placed a hand on her shoulder and pulled her shut and did my greatest to comfort her.

“What has you so scared, darling? Is there a fox or one thing out there?”

Together with her head nonetheless buried in my aspect, she shook it violently and continued to level. I adopted her finger till I was observing a big oak tree about ten ft from the sting of our lawn. The leaves scattered among its branches had modified colours, and some of them littered the bottom around the trunk. Beneath the roots that sprawled throughout the dust, I spotted a gap. I had observed the tree earlier than, however by no means anticipated that there can be an animal dwelling beneath it.

“Honey, I can’t assist in case you don’t tell me what’s incorrect. Now I’m going to ask you once more, what’s it that you simply saw?”

Elizabeth took in a deep breath and spoke with worry grabbing at her vocal cords.


I seemed up from her and stared at the base of the tree. A hand coated in flawed, gray pores and skin slowly reached out and clawed at the earth outdoors of the opening. Lengthy, yellow fingernails scratched on the filth until they dug deep into the damp soil. Now with proper grip, I heard the creature let loose a deep groan because it started to tug itself from the opening. As extra of its limbs came into few, I took discover of how frail this factor appeared. I watched the skinny muscle tissue of its arms flex underneath its sickly skin to tug itself further out the opening, revealing itself from the darkness underneath the tree. This unearthly creature lifted its head in the Autumn daylight, giving me the primary glimpse of its face. It had sunken eyes and cheeks, inflicting the pores and skin to be pulled tightly towards its skull. Its bloodshot eyes would disappear from view as cracked eyelids slowly blinked. Greasy lumps of darkish grey hair hung over the edges of its face and down the nape of its neck. The individual vertebrae of its backbone pressed beneath its pores and skin, shifting in a grotesque style because the body moved.

I stood immobile in complete and utter shock. I might not hear the birds chirping or the wind in the leaves. The only noise I might hear was its thin and raspy respiration that croaked out of its throat. My daughter’s hand had gripped my shirt and squeezed it tight. I might really feel her shaking me as if she was making an attempt to tell me one thing, however I couldn’t hear her. My ears quickly full of the piercing shriek that erupted from deep inside this creature as extra of its physique turned exposed in the sunlight. As it continued to scream, the body shook violently and limbs moved unnaturally.

To this present day, I’m unsure what made me grab my daughter and run, but I’m grateful that one thing finally made me move. Before I knew it, I was inside and had slammed the door shut. I threw turned the deadbolt and threw the latch at the prime of the door. As I stored my eyes educated at the fringe of our garden for it to crawl onto the grass, I yelled at Elizabeth to go seize my gun from the drawer in my nightstand. She left and shortly returned with the weapon grasped firmly in her hand. I took it from her and shortly disengaged the security. I cocked it and stood at the able to unload every single bullet into this hellish monstrosity. As I stood guard, I instructed my daughter to call the police inform them to ship officers out right here.

Two squad automobiles arrived in less than ten minutes. It was no coincidence that I purchased a home inside close proximity to the police station. As I adopted two officers in the direction of the edge of the backyard, all three of us with our weapons drawn, one other stayed inside with my daughter. Though they approached the tree with out a lot hesitation, I stored my distance understanding what lurked inside that darkish gap. With their weapons educated on the opening, one in every of them retrieved the flashlight from his belt and flashed it inside. What they found was… nothing. They stuck their flashlight all the best way inside till they might see each inch of that burrow. There was nothing inside it. There wasn’t a single hint of one thing ever being in there.

The first thought that jumped to my mind was that they might assume I used to be making an attempt to stage some type of hoax. Nevertheless, they merely informed me to maintain an eye fixed out for the creature again and to call them if I noticed it again. Additionally they advisable that I hold a digital camera on me on the off probability that I might snap a picture of this factor. After comforting my daughter, they left us alone in my house. To today, I’m satisfied that they remembered my wife’s dying a couple of years prior and thought it greatest to not attempt claiming that I used to be operating a prank on them. They in all probability figured that I had had sufficient hassle in my life and that there was no have to pretend something like this.
4 years handed with out me ever seeing any sign of it. Every time it reared its ugly head again, it was in a method I had not even imagined.

My daughter had just turned eleven, and I permitted her to have some pals over for a sleepover. I took the trouble to push all of the furniture in our front room to at least one aspect and make a large area for them to put their sleeping luggage down. I informed Elizabeth that I needed them to sleep inside because there had been sightings of coyotes across the area, however she didn’t appear to buy it. She knew the actual purpose why I didn’t want them outdoors at night time, and she or he didn’t disagree with that one bit.

Whereas I spent the night time with Nicholas in our media room watching a film, I might sometimes hear the women laughing or letting out a playful scream. I tried telling myself that the screams have been solely resulting from some stupid recreation, however my thoughts tried telling me that one thing else might be the supply. After the movie ended, I carried my boy upstairs and tucked him into bed. Afterwards, I peered from the railing of the steps at the women asleep on the lounge flooring. That they had arranged themselves such that they have been round a toy lantern. With sleep pulling at my eyelids, I retreated to my room and fell asleep.

The subsequent factor I knew, I used to be awoken by the sound of glass hitting the ground and my Elizabeth screaming. Instinctively, I grabbed the gun from the drawer in my nightstand and ran down the stairs. As I bolted into the lounge, I observed empty sleeping luggage scattered across the flooring. It didn’t take me long to seek out the women clustered into one corner of the room with a lantern shared among them. The sickly yellow mild emitted by the cheap bulb illuminated the worry on their faces.

“Elizabeth, what the hell happened down here,” I asked as I stared at the damaged window. No matter had damaged it had completed so from outdoors.

I was met with solely the sound of crickets chirping in the night time air. I turned to the women within the nook and found all of them mentioning the window. It was at that moment that an awesome sense of dread crammed my body. I felt the urge to vomit as my thoughts raced to the only conclusion: it had come back.

I bolted to the back door and threw it open. As I ran out into the yard, I yelled at the women to call the police. My naked ft slammed onto the ground as I sprinted full pressure in the direction of the forest on the edge of our lawn. By the point I reached the sting, the ankles of my sweat pants have been soaked with dew. Cupping my arms round my mouth, I hollered my daughter’s identify. The one response I acquired was my pain-stricken voice echoing again at me. I took in a deep breath and ready to name for her as soon as extra once I stopped.

Crawling beneath a bush just some ft away, I saw its face for the primary time in years. In the milky glow of the moonlight, it slowly clawed at the floor and pulled itself out from beneath the bush. With every small motion of its appendages, I might hear the cracking of joints and dry leaves scratching towards its leathery pores and skin. This factor had taken my daughter, and I needed nothing greater than to grab it by the neck, strangle it, and slowly feel the life depart its physique. The only drawback was that I couldn’t. As much as I needed to, I found myself unable to maneuver. In comparison with the burning hatred I had for this creature, my worry towered over that and stored my motion at bay.
Slowly, its mouth opened to disclose pointed, stained tooth. It let loose a heavy breath, inflicting the air around me to instantly be crammed with the horrid stench of rot and decay. As I pulled my shirt over my nose, it started to make a noise. It began as a guttural rumble from deep inside the creature. Soon enough, it escaped into the air as a deep croak. This progressively turned louder because the noise underwent a grotesque transformation into an ear-piercing shriek. I might really feel my eardrums screaming for aid, inflicting me to throw my palms over my ears. This did little good as the noise still managed to seek out its method into my head.

When the noise finally stopped, I lowered my arms and opened my eyes. It was gone. There was no hint that it had ever been there. The ground beneath the bush showed no signs of anything ever being there. I found myself unable to look away from that spot. I’m not sure how long I stood there. It took three cops to shake me again to reality. Once I was finally capable of break my gaze from that bush, I screamed. I fell to my knees and erupted right into a fit of scorching tears and screams. I pounded at the ground and grabbed the grass. I anticipated the officers to attempt to deliver me back to my ft, but they let me proceed.

It was almost every week before they found her physique. She was virtually a mile from the house, deep in the woods. Although I could not deliver myself to go on the market to view the crime scene, I was given an outline of the world later that day. They discovered her underneath a thin layer of dried leaves, together with her torn and stained garments tossed round.

She had been violated…

My little woman, my little eleven-year-old woman, had been raped and tortured by regardless of the hell this thing was. It took her innocence, her purity, her very existence…

The funeral was one of many hardest days of my life. While everyone else cried within the chilly November rain, I stood silent and unmoving whereas starring on the small coffin. All the despair I felt had left my physique with the tears I cried for days on end. Regardless of how much I needed to cry, I couldn’t deliver myself to take action. My tear ducts, like my coronary heart and soul, have been empty.

I’ll nonetheless go to her gravesite on her birthday. Aside from that, I can’t deliver myself to take a look at her identify engraved in that chilly stone. There are not any footage of her anyplace in my residence. The sight of her face brings me to my knees and leaves my eyes pink with scorching tears. I nonetheless have footage of my wife, but that is totally different. When the drunk driver who killed her was sentenced to life in jail without the potential for parole, I had felt closure.

Elizabeth is totally different. That creature continues to be out there. The thing that killed my daughter and violated her continues to be prowling someplace in these woods. Elizabeth’s footage are neatly packed in a field upstairs. Until the day I discover that factor, I can’t stand to take a look at her face. I really feel that I let her down by not attacking it that night time. My worry obtained the higher of me, and it still haunts me to today. It’s not a guarantee that I might have been capable of cease this factor, but no less than I might have carried out the perfect I might.

Nicholas has grown up. He went to school and obtained a level in mechanical engineering. Quickly afterwards, he discovered a girlfriend and ultimately obtained married to her. That they had a toddler a number of years later. To this present day, I don’t let my granddaughter, Elizabeth, come to visit. I worry that it’ll rear its ugly head once more if it knows she’s here.

Typically, once I’m mendacity in bed at night time, I feel I hear something within the woods. It’s all the time faint, and virtually to the point that I feel my thoughts is enjoying tips on me. Nevertheless, I’ll pay attention intently and make out the words that this creature is uttering with its deep, raspy voice…

“Comus rape, Comus break
Sweet young virgin’s advantage take
Bare flesh, flowing hair
Her terror screams, they reduce the air
However no one hears her there”

Credit: StarlessandBibleBlack (Creepypasta Wiki • YouTube)

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