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Good day,
that is Darrell Fort with at the moment’s Citadel Report. At this time I might be
speaking about a number of the lies and distortions which have thus far made
this a nasty yr for the mass media. The media could also be having a nasty
yr as a result of it publishes lies and distortions, however this society
typically rewards liars and punishes fact tellers.

Lies amounting to misprision of a felony

Let’s begin with the story of a 7 yr previous black woman from
Houston Texas who was murdered earlier this yr. Initially the
reviews have been that she was murdered by two white racists in a purple
pickup truck. The standard stereotypes of what a white racist is
alleged to appear to be and be like have been all there and the media simply
purchased it hook, line, and sinker in all probability as a result of it match and superior
their very own pre-conceived political narrative.

The media, whether or not TV or print, typically stories a narrative as
introduced, simply as if it have been true all earlier than any investigation is
accomplished. They need us to imagine it to be true as a result of, I suppose,
they need it to be true so badly. This little woman’s homicide was
entrance web page information all over the world and introduced as proof of the
horrible race issues we’ve right here in America, however when the
murderers turned out to be two black gangbangers, it abruptly
disappeared as a narrative. The prevailing sensationalist political
agenda typically just isn’t superior by the reality, subsequently the reality is of
little worth to them.

Civil tort lies – libel and defamation of

Then alongside got here the story that I’ve talked
about for a number of weeks. That story is the Covington youngsters and
Native American Nathan Phillips. The media won’t report these
tales after their preliminary model is confirmed to be false. However I
don’t need the actual model to die, so I hold speaking about them as
lengthy as attainable. The Covington youngsters’ story shouldn’t die for a
very long time due to Nick Sandmann’s defamation
go well with towards numerous publications, together with The
Washington Submit.

We might be properly served to recollect the masthead of The
Washington Publish, which it has adopted as its
official slogan, “Democracy Dies in Darkness”. That appears
applicable now that we the individuals can not consider something the
paper prints and all tales have to be investigated by actual
journalists, comparable to easy bloggers and others within the various
media. The New York Occasions, the Publish, and others
ought to take note of their very own promoting.

Trump misses some alternatives

The chance for the President to name consideration to false
tales of hate and hoaxes staged as hate crimes was there with the
Covington youngsters however he handed on the chance. He initially stated
he may need them to the White Home however modified his thoughts. I suppose
he did due to recommendation that it might not be a clever political transfer.
That appears to be the usual for proper and mistaken now—is it a proper
or fallacious political transfer.

The immigration tangle

For instance, when he was about to signal his emergency declaration
for the wall, the Angel Mothers, which is a gaggle of moms who’ve
had youngsters killed by unlawful aliens, have been on the town to oppose the brand new
spending invoice. The President stated he want to invite them to the
White Home however reportedly his Chief of Employees, Mick Mulvaney, and
advisor Kelly Ann Conway, vetoed it due to political
issues. Ms. Conway then lectured the Angel Mothers to cease their
protest as a result of it’d endanger the spending invoice, which she stated
the President desperately wanted.

So if this story is true, and it apparently is, the President was
very a lot in favor of the spending invoice and didn’t simply signal it
as a result of he needed to get on together with his declaration of emergency. The
spending invoice successfully ends resistance to unlawful immigration in
America. It’s worse than blanket amnesty as a result of it invitations these
who would have come illegally to return legally. When Neville
Chamberlain went to Munich to make a cope with Hitler, Winston
Churchill stated that Hitler not needed to snatch his victuals from
the desk as a result of he now had them handed to him by the British
Authorities. President Trump’s signing of the spending invoice is a
Chamberlain second for many who believed his promise about constructing
the wall and making Mexico pay for it.

A everlasting Democratic majority?

Nancy Pelosi is way smarter and a a lot better chief than I gave
her credit score for. She maneuvered President Trump into signing a invoice
that, greater than doubtless, assures a everlasting Democrat majority within the
future. This majority won’t solely be unsympathetic to the
destruction of Western Civilization however will welcome it. I’m
beginning to assume that I used to be proper about Mr. Trump in 2016 in that he
actually doesn’t care about something and is unwilling to defend his
core values as a result of he has none. To make use of an unlucky pun, there’s
nothing he’s prepared to go to the wall for.

The Declaration of Emergency won’t remedy the unlawful
immigration drawback and gained’t even remedy the wall drawback. The
spending invoice, signed by the President, opens the flood gates to the
third world and denies him the power to finish the wall. It
permits a couple of pennies for constructing a couple of miles in 5 Democrat
counties in Texas however permission needs to be acquired from the Democrat
politicians in these counties earlier than development can start. The
rhetoric coming from the White Home about immigration is simply that,
empty rhetoric. The horses have fled the barn whereas he left the door
broad open. I’m wondering if he actually understands what he represents to
the 63 million who voted for him?

Lies from the media—and the alleged sufferer

Let’s return and go to with our good friend Jussie Smollett for a
few moments, for the newest information from America’s mass media
regarding what a horrible racist nation America is. Whereas we
talk about Jussie please take into account that actually tens of millions of individuals
who stay in nations that basically are dangerous locations are lining as much as
come right here and our legislators are lining as much as invite them.

Fortuitously for these of us who worth the reality and assume that
it’s necessary, Jussie turned out to be one of many least
clever individuals to return from Hollywood in a very long time, and that’s
actually saying one thing. Perhaps that’s why Hollywood celebrities are
so simply co-opted by Democrat politicians; they only can’t
perceive what’s occurring. Jussie arrange two males to assist together with his
staged assault and paid them with a $3500 examine. He gave them a verify
to purchase the supplies they would wish and your complete buy was
recorded on video.

Inventing hate

He had been planning this factor apparently for months as a result of he
first despatched himself a hate letter, which appeared like one thing from a
1930’s film full with letters reduce from a magazine. The letter
didn’t generate sufficient curiosity however when you possibly can’t discover any hate
it’s a must to invent some, thus the 2 Nigerian males. He did a softball
interview with a TV reporter and used the expression, hate mongrels,
and I assume he doesn’t know that the time period mongrel means canine.
Maybe he and AOC ought to get collectively. I do know, they will’t as a result of
of apparent causes, however what a pair they might make.

The Prepare dinner County police superintendent stated that Jussie insulted
Chicago and someway inflicted damage on Chicago, however I’m wondering how
that might be attainable in a metropolis with the very best homicide fee and
worst shut price in America. What is going to occur to Jussie now? The
world waits on the sting of its seat. Will he go to jail? He might go
to jail as a result of he’s dealing with fees that carry three years
confinement, however there’s speak that he can be allowed to say he’s
sorry and pay a comparatively small high quality. What Jussie doesn’t appear to
perceive is that what he did, and the end result, proves that America
is basically the other of how he tried to painting it, regardless of how
onerous the media works to persuade us that each one besides Hollywood coastal
varieties are racist.

A society that admires victims, not heroes

We stay in a society the place it’s now extra admirable and fascinating
to be a sufferer than a hero. Jussie wanted sufferer standing for profession
success on the extent he needed it, in his chosen career, and for
his chosen viewers. A lot of the Hollywood varieties I’ve seen are
supporting him in his authorized case. They take the place that on this
case the story isn’t true, however the narrative continues to be real looking and
is subsequently a real image of America. How are you going to discover widespread
floor with individuals who have attitudes like that? I can’t and that
is why I don’t go to films or watch tv anymore.

Individuals ask me on occasion if I feel America is headed for
civil struggle. I might say that this era in historical past is extra akin to
the prelude to the French Revolution than the Civil Warfare. The Jacobins
in France have been distinguished for his or her radical left-wing
revolutionary politics. The Jacobins ultimately enacted a quick
dictatorship referred to as the Reign of Terror, and lots of heads fell from
the guillotine into the basket. Let’s hope we aren’t that far
alongside however I’ll admit that we’re a methods down that street.

Extra lies concerning the true nature of America’s
financial system

The identical liars are main an advance towards a socialist financial system,
and that’s seen as an ideal triumph by many as a result of they blame
capitalism for the ills of our society, however there are not any actual
capitalist nations anyplace on earth. America is not any exception to
that situation as a result of it’s the departure from free market
capitalism that has led to our financial troubles. True capitalism is
privately owned technique of manufacturing with out regulation. There’s not
a rustic on earth that doesn’t have full regulation and management
of the financial system by the state. What’s being fought over is the correct
to be the one who controls and regulates.

At present’s group of socialists doesn’t know or care who or what
owns the technique of manufacturing. What they need is free stuff and the
extra the higher. Socialism is a buzzword free of charge stuff. Free
housing, free medical care, free education, free meals—these are the
mental extent of the socialist argument. This free stuff and
the capital that gives it, they assume, simply one way or the other seem by
magic. What it actually means is a fascist welfare state, in fact,
ignoring the truth that such philosophies have destroyed complete
economies one after one other. This development towards socialism, fueled by
growing ranges of third world immigration, will outcome ultimately,
within the collapse of the financial system until it’s reversed.

Republican inaction

What are the Republicans doing about it? In a phrase, nothing,
as a result of they’re utterly nugatory within the protection of our
civilization. Republican ranks are full of gutless hypocrites and
that’s a praise in comparison with what they are surely. Their efforts
to defend the free market, when made in any respect, are weak and
ineffective. Individuals, particularly the younger, assume that socialism is a
superior ethical view and there’s no one in management who will
intellectually defend free markets and free market capitalism because the
most ethical and simply system.

Lastly people:

That is going to have painful ramifications and really quickly. There
are going to be political ramifications when individuals begin dropping
their homes. I’m afraid the battle is misplaced and I see no motion
to vary course. It’s virtually as if lots of people need this
civilization to fail. My pessimism flag is flying at full mast at this time.

At the very least that’s the best way I see it.

Till subsequent time people,

That is Darrell Citadel.