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Pearson Education: Humanitarian Hoax 30

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Humanitarian Hoax is a deliberate and deceitful tactic of presenting
a damaging policy as altruistic. The humanitarian huckster
presents himself as a compassionate advocate when in reality he is the
disguised enemy.

Background: Pearson PLC

Pearson PLC, a public limited company, is a British
multinational multi-billion dollar publishing powerhouse and the
largest schooling firm on the earth. Pearson Publishing’s
reported 2017
share in international revenues was $eight.2 billion with a staggering 60%
management of U.S. textbooks gross sales. It listed the Libyan Funding
Authority as its largest monetary contributor. Pearson is an
anti-American, pro-globalism, antisemitic, pro-Muslim globalized
schooling supplier that’s indoctrinating our American youngsters.

Pearson is the premier international instructional humanitarian huckster
hawking its anti-American message of globalism to Okay-12 college students and
academics in America. Its globalized curriculum comports to Obama’s
pet Widespread Core Initiative Requirements (CCIS). Globally, Widespread Core
originated from the One
World Schooling concept, a worldwide objective orchestrated by the
Connect All Faculties program. Its origin is funded by the Qatar
Basis International (QFI) and supported by the United
Nations Agenda 2030. That is how it works.

Barack Obama’s connection

Obama appointed Vartan Gregorian, board member of the Qatar
Basis Worldwide (QFI), to the distinguished and influential
President’s Fee on White Home Fellowships. The Qatar
Foundation Worldwide partnered with the Department of State and
the U.S. Department of Schooling in 2011 to combine lecture rooms in
the U.S. and international faculties by means of a program referred to as Join
All Faculties.

Obama’s dream of a globalized, internationalized pro-Muslim
schooling was facilitated courtesy of the Qatari authorities, Qatar
Basis Worldwide, and the Libyan Investment Authority’s
main Islam-promoting donors:

  • Turkey
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Muslim Brotherhood
  • Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)

The said objective of humanitarian huckster-in-chief Barack Obama’s
Connect All Faculties initiative was to “connect every faculty in the
U.S. with the world by 2016.” Sounds nice, identical to “hope
and change” sounded great till it was exposed as a sinister
humanitarian hoax designed to shatter the Judeo-Christian norms and
sovereignty of the USA. Let’s evaluation.

Muslim Brotherhood propaganda

Our American youngsters are being indoctrinated to be self-loathing
People by pro-Muslim, anti-American Muslim Brotherhood propaganda
courtesy of Barack Obama’s “Join All Faculties” initiative.
The transnational Muslim Brotherhood has the singular aim of
spreading Islam worldwide and is “educating” our youngsters with
its propaganda. The Muslim Brotherhood Explanatory
Memorandum makes it crystal clear that indoctrination of American
students by way of textbooks is a main tactic to settle the United
States of America and make it Muslim.

Obama’s deceitful Race To the Prime program bribed faculty
districts to simply accept damaging Widespread Core standards in trade for
federal grants that also affected instructor certification. New York
State not evaluates its academics. Pearson Schooling does.
Pearson Schooling took
over instructor certification for New York State in 2014 with its
Instructor Performance Assessment (TPA) and is the only administrator
and evaluator of the assessment.

Asking the proper query: who are the individuals
behind Pearson PLC?

A 2012 article written by New York Hofstra College educator
Alan Singer asks the question, “Pearson ‘Schooling’ – Who Are
These Individuals?” It’s a pivotal question.

Singer writes,

The query that have to be addressed is whether or not the
British publishing big Pearson and its Pearson Schooling subsidy
should determine who is certified to show and what must be taught
in New York State and america? I don’t assume so! Not only
did nobody elect them, however when individuals study who they’re, they could
not need them anyplace near a faculty — or a government official.

In a particularly egregious example of Pearson’s ideological
bias many superior placement college students used a 2018 textbook revealed
by Pearson titled, By the Individuals: A History of the USA.
The ultimate part titled The
Indignant Election of 2016 depicts President Trump as mentally sick
and his supporters as racists. A Pearson spokesperson defended the
textbook insisting it had undergone “rigorous peer evaluation to ensure
educational integrity.” That is the predictable end result of globalist
ideology and globalist revisionism disguised as scholarship.

Pearson signs on to a UN program

Pearson is unapologetically dedicated to globalism and is a
signatory to the United Nations Sustainable Improvement Objectives. In
Pearson’s own words:

The good news is that the world has agreed on a plan to
put us on a extra sustainable path and make sure that nobody is left
behind. UN Member States have adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable
Improvement, together with its 17 Sustainable Improvement Objectives (SDGs)
and the Paris Agreement to deal with climate change. We now have an
opportunity and a duty to play our half in delivering these
landmark agreements. By supporting the SDGs, we’ll assist create a
higher world through which our business can develop and we will extra
successfully obtain our mission to help individuals enhance their lives
by means of studying.

Pearson going to school

In February of 2019 Pearson bought
its U.S. Okay-12 courseware business to Nexus Capital Management LP for
$250 million in its deliberate shift from textbooks to digital content.
Pearson claims the sale is a part of its ongoing work to grow to be a
easier more environment friendly firm. That is company-speak for their move
towards greater schooling and digital delivery of their globalist
instructional curriculum. Pearson goes to school! In their own

The broader US Okay-12 market stays an essential area of
focus for Pearson and we are persevering with to spend money on quicker growing
digital providers akin to digital faculties and constructing on our robust
place in US scholar assessment. We’ll proceed to offer Larger
Schooling courseware for Superior Placement programmes in Okay12

The odd terms of the deal solely give Pearson $25 million cash
upfront but after the stability is paid Pearson retains 20% of the
future cashflow from the business and is entitled to 20% of the sale
worth if Nexus sells. So who’s Nexus Capital? What did they purchase? Why
the odd deal?

What about Nexus?

Nexus is a Los Angeles-based personal fairness firm and member of
Emerging Markets Personal Equity Affiliation (EMPEA). EMPEA
is a consortium of globalist corporations that share info in
their singular goal of making unfettered world markets for
their goods and providers. Sustainable is the watchword. Sustainable
is the abracadabra Open Sesame key that begins with personal equity
companies in rising markets and ends in a single world authorities.

Tariq Ramadan, director of Qatari Basis Institute’s
Research middle for Islamic Laws and Ethics, is the grandson
of Hassan al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. At a 2011 fund
raiser in Dallas for the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) he
brazenly referred to as for younger Muslims to colonize America. Pearson/Nexus is
the medium and Muslim supremacy is the message.

Boasting of conquest

The Explanatory Memorandum must be required studying for each
American mother or father and every American educator to completely perceive the
depth, breadth, and commitment of the movement to colonize America
and make it Muslim. Most People scoff at the concept of such a
seemingly outlandish objective. They have not read the Explanatory
Memorandum. What many People put out of your mind is that aspirational
world domination just isn’t new or unfamiliar in modern life – it
has simply appeared in a unique type.

Globalism is the modern-day ambition for world domination. It is
deceitfully marketed as progress – the New World Order of worldwide
citizenship dominated by the globalist elite underneath the auspices of the
United Nations – to assist us improve our lives in fact.

When faculties not host their very own knowledge

People have been lulled to sleep by the security of their
unparalleled freedoms, the vastness of their country and the oceans
that surround it. The Islamic menace won’t conquer America by land
or sea and neither will the leftist menace. The globalists will
ultimately conquer America by way of Obama’s sinister textbook
initiative that indoctrinates American youngsters and produces the
self-loathing voters who will willingly select one world authorities
over sovereignty – no bullets required. We must get up to stop

A 2015 EdTech
article exposes the overarching menace that the sinister humanitarian
hoax of Pearson Schooling poses. The article titled, “Do Faculty
Districts Want Their Own Knowledge Centers Anymore?” explains how
faculty districts are shifting their complete instructional databases on-line
to Google Apps and Chromebook, and shifting all information to Google Drive
for cloud storage. They may have Pearson host PowerSchool
as an alternative of the varsity district hosting themselves. This means Pearson
and Google could have absolute control over instructional content.

Pearson and Google together

In January, 2019 Pearson introduced
that Pearson Understand, its single digital platform, is now a Google
for Schooling Premier Companion. Which means Pearson’s globalist
propaganda package deal is what American youngsters can be indoctrinated
with. Political correctness, historical revisionism, ethical relativity
at the moment are mainstream digital learning tools for social engineering that
prepare American youngsters for international citizenship and one world

The Pearson/Nexus globalist indoctrination towards one world
authorities is both not recognized and acknowledged as an existential
menace, or it’s recognized and embraced by ideologues who help its
goal. In both case it’s as much as the mother and father to determine how their
youngsters can be educated – less than a overseas firm with an
anti-American globalist agenda.

Regain management of instructional content material

The humanitarian hoax of Pearson Schooling have to be exposed and
eliminated. American textbooks and digital content material have to be offered
by American patriots who’re dedicated to our superb Constitution
and the extraordinary freedoms it supplies. Freedom isn’t free. We
should wake ourselves to the clear and present danger of the triple
menace of the Islamist/leftist/globalist axis and their apologists
who seek to destroy America from inside. If we need to stay free we
have to be prepared to oppose globalism and rise up for our national

Islamist leaders attempt for a worldwide spiritual Islamic
caliphate that guidelines an infantilized population with out free will.
Leftists attempt for a secular world of worldwide socialism that
supplies an infantilized population with cradle-to-grave care. The
globalists who own, operate, and proceed to broaden their international
management of the personal sector and the Web use the Islamists and
leftists as helpful idiots to create the chaos required for complete
globalist domination and one world authorities.

Trump fights for America

President Donald J. Trump is the existential enemy of the complete
Islamist/leftist/globalist axis that has conspired and colluded in
widespread trigger to overthrow his patriotic America-first authorities.
In contrast to his adversaries, President Trump’s policies and goals
require adult consciousness of the humanitarian hoaxes that threaten our
freedom and sovereignty.

Islamism, socialism, and globalism all provide an infantilized
dependent escape from freedom whether or not secular or spiritual. Freedom
requires maturity. If we select freedom we can’t permit the
humanitarian hoax of Pearson Schooling to kill America with kindness
in the disingenuous names of progress and multiculturalism.

We’re the land of the free and home of the brave. We must free ourselves from Pearson/Nexus, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the globalists who management their propaganda in our faculties if we are to stay free, sovereign, and unbiased.


This text first appeared here. To read extra of Linda Goudsmit’s articles, see her on Pundicity and at her own website.

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