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Pittsboro Musician Builds Life-Changing Violins

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By David Bradley, Chatham Information + Document Employees


The “door dulcimer” greets the Violin and Fiddle Shop customer with music as the door opens, revealing the recent aroma of pine resin in the air and maple shavings on the ground at the shop on Hillsboro Road in Pittsboro.

The shavings are from the carving tools utilized by Shay Garriock, a violin maker — or luthier, because the trade is traditionally recognized — at his second-floor business near Virlie’s Restaurant. On today, he’s planing a bit of tiger maple wooden that may develop into the again piece of a Stradivarius-style violin he’s building. In the eight years he’s has been in business making and repairing violins, he’s additionally offered the assets for violinists and fiddlers needing provides like strings and rosin.

Garriock’s adept at constructing violins, having made more than 25 devices within the brief time that he’s been in enterprise.

However the story about this place is just not advised simply in the retail products, the hand-made violins, or the lessons which might be obtainable. It’s what music supplies; what has been a life-changing expertise, for himself and his clients. For Garriock, the owner of the shop, the new life-experiences on the retailer have opened new doors in a unprecedented approach.

“Being a luthier, what I really like about it, why it makes me just so pleased, is it’s deeply rewarding,” Garriock stated. “Not simply the work itself, which may be therapeutic; it’s my isolation time. I’m so inwardly targeted on the work that I do, it relaxes me, it’s virtually like remedy. In fact then once you’ve completed the product, if it turns out to be a superb instrument, that’s actually rewarding, and in case you sell it, and you’ve got a cheerful customer that’s going to play one among your violins for perhaps the remainder of their life. Meaning lots to me.”

Dust covers a number of the violins waiting to be repaired on the Violin and Fiddle store in Pittsboro. Garriock, proprietor of the shop, stated that he’s had some instruments that have been over 100 years previous. (photograph by way of David Bradley)

His enterprise has a aim of working with peoples’ wants, being friendly on a regular basis, and working arduous to keep prices reasonably priced and truthful for the work that’s completed, he stated. In his enterprise, he presents the whole lot the violinist might want, from hand-made devices to strings to lessons.

Utilizing manuals and workshops, Garriock is a self-taught luthier who’s discovered the craft of creating and repairing high quality violins. His repairs are on quite a lot of devices, some greater than 100 years previous. One violin, made in a German manufacturing unit of its time, wanted work to open up the resonance of the wood. Opening the physique of the violin, Garriock used chisels to scale back the thickness of the wood on the back plate, creating a more nice tone.

And Garriock put to relaxation the age-old query for this writer: there isn’t a difference between a fiddle and a violin. It’s the identical instrument.

“A fiddle is a violin, just a violin instrument for dancing, people music, quite a bit for dancing, so much from memory and not reading music instantly,” he stated.

The basic violinist plays music that’s written down, they usually comply with that as they play. The fiddler does not. Garriock doesn’t read music, but he doesn’t should.

“Learning to play with out music and by ear has allowed me to only be so more expressive once I play and in addition to create my very own variations of tunes, to have a simply extra individualistic strategy to my music and develop a method of my very own,” he stated. “It hasn’t been a hindrance to me.”

“Fiddle is rather a lot totally different than classical,” he continued. “It’s a lot more open to interpretation, versus just reading notes from sheet music and enjoying as written, so it makes it simpler in that regard … Once you discover ways to play, you’ll be able to copy sounds you hear, copy melodies and create even your personal melody variations. Its a sluggish process, it takes a very long time. However in the event you hold at it, work exhausting, take heed to lots of good fiddlers, and attempt to emulate them, you’ll slowly progress over time. It’s a much totally different environment, than say classical violin. Its much more laid back, not as competitive, it’s easier, the music is rather more free spirited. Free expression is part of my character, if really feel if I can’t work independently, if I can’t do what I actually feel, I feel stifled.”

He continues this free-form concept with the ultimate steps in his development of violin bodies. When creating the body of every violin, he’s following the Italian basic types, such because the Stradivarius. However the varnish, the of completion on the physique of the instrument, is where he once more uses his freedom of expression. He makes use of oil pigments and his fingers for purposes, quite than a brush. Garriock says you don’t really see the dark colours and the shading he paints on the canvas of the wood in modern makers. He’s creating his own private contact.

His experience enjoying the instrument goes again to when he was 18, when he was actually into the bluegrass and nation western types of music. His mom had a violin she wasn’t using. He picked it up, took it to school and fell in love with it, he says. His first career was within the environmental business, but fiddling was an ever-present interest.

In the future, he made the choice to do something totally different.

“I turned a luthier as a result of I needed to vary careers,” Garriock stated. “The job that I had previous to this, I started working half time, working slowly into educating myself about violins and violin repair. Then I began taking workshops to study formally learn how to do repairs.”

He slowly obtained into the retail business and discovered that he couldn’t work at home.

“Individuals have been coming to my home, for repairs and to take a look at violins, and fairly shortly I noticed that I want a storefront, after which I discovered this place in Pittsboro, at simply the fitting time in 2010,” he stated. “I opened the doorways, and the primary two or three years have been fairly tough. However it picked up after that, I found a nice niche for myself work in the scholar world, and the folks music world, with a lot of fiddlers round, they’re all over the place.”

He was repairing violins again in 2008, however he also developed the idea of buying devices to restore and resell for a revenue.

“It turned out to be so successful, and because I knew so many musicians, that was an actual benefit. I knew a number of different fiddlers,” Garriock stated.

“Do you make violins?” turned a standard query on the retailer.

In 2011, he started to reply, “Yes.”

Garriock’s first two fiddle clients have been old-time musicians he knew by means of his connections enjoying the instrument.

The best way his enterprise works is multifaceted. He makes and repairs instruments and bows, sells provides, and rents area for music academics. When he puts it all collectively, it makes for good business. As he has continued with the shop, he’s been capable of broaden his business footprint through the years, Garriock stated, because of his location. If the shop was simply in a regular small town, it wouldn’t work. Garriock says the distinction in Pittsboro is that inside a 50-mile radius there are numerous musicians and a number of other universities, and so there’s a lot of business to maintain him in business.

Bart Urbanski, an instructor who uses area in Garriock’s store, agrees. The number of musical types represented in the area retains them busy with fiddlers and violinists enjoying bluegrass and mountain music, Celtic from Asheville and different locales, previous time, and pop and rock. It’s primarily people in this space, he stated.

The store serves the group and violin and fiddle gamers who aren’t professionals, but have the very best standards, Garriock says.

Having an instrument is one other piece of the story. But getting the lessons to study the instrument is how you really get the thought of how you can create music. The shop presents classes to take the musician additional than they might by themselves.

Shay Garriock makes use of an influence noticed to make the primary cuts on a bit of wood that may develop into the scrollwork for a brand new violin. (photograph by way of David Bradley)

“I needed to seek out ardour in a new method,” stated Amanda Byrne, a scholar at the store. The eagerness she had felt at her job at Carolina Tiger Rescue on the town needed a brand new outlet. “I did try to train myself, but I wanted help.”

Urbanski is an experienced musician on piano, violin and other devices, and he praises learning a new instrument as something that might be life-changing.

“Somebody can all the time train you one thing. So I feel that’s the most important factor. Even the first starting classes can put you in the appropriate path” Urbanski stated. “I’ve had people who came in who have labored and studied off the internet for a few yr, they usually are available and some of their methods really aren’t one of the best, and unfortunately they assume they are sounding OK and I’ve to undergo and actually readjust a few of the issues that they combine into their dangerous enjoying.”

It helps his students “develop good self-confidence, once they start to get to get good qualities of their music, its a type of things the place it’s like; in case you are standing on the sting of a cliff, in case you feel uncomfortable, you are feeling like you’re going to fall,” Urbanski stated. “But should you really feel you’ve experienced climbing for awhile, you’re on the sting of a cliff it’s no huge deal. It’s like talking in entrance of someone, when you’ve rehearsed your script, you realize what to say, it’s no drawback. Music is definitely a bit farther than talking, since you’re expressing your feelings.”

Byrne needed to relive the enjoyment that music had given her on the piano, however with a smaller instrument. Classes on the store gave her a new strategy to access the enjoyment of music with out having to lug a piano around. She stated that she was excited to return back for lessons, and to revisit those reminiscences.

“I’ve all the time used music as healing, and I needed to get as proficient at violin as I am on the piano,” Byrne stated. “I need to fiddle in my yard within the evenings.”

Equally, Garriock now has the brand new freedom to benefit from the music at festivals and summertime gigs due to his achievement of a dream. As a luthier, he builds violins by way of shaping and carving the maple and spruce wood in front of him. The store itself, and his pursuit of a dream, has built a new life for him. For him, the unplanned and unstructured freedoms that music offers has modified his life.

“It’s my entire way of life outdoors of labor,” Garriock stated. “Music has given me good buddies which might be simply really gifted, thoughtful, sensible individuals, inventive, artistic, and just a bit out there typically. It’s all the time given me somewhere to go, some individuals to be around, something to work on, as a interest, not necessarily as a profession, and a group of pals and musicians that target music. It’s my entire way of life outdoors of work. Not simply this business, it’s my life outdoors of labor, where I play music. Virtually all my pals are musicians. One of many things I do for fun is exit and play music, I do gigs with buddies, and go to festivals in summertime, that’s an enormous a part of my life. It’s been my life for over 30 years now.” has partnered with the Chatham News + Report as a way to deliver more Chatham-focused tales to our viewers. 

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