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Raise the Roof! Roofing Facts and Trivia

Raise the Roof! Roofing Facts and Trivia

The roof on our houses doesn’t obtain enough credit. Do 30 yr shingles really final 30 years? What weather can injury a roof? Discover out roofing details and trivia

We don’t give enough credit to the roof we have now over our heads.

The roof of our house is what provides us shelter, however what do we actually find out about it?

Hold studying to study some roofing details you’ll be able to’t overlook. 

One Of The Key Roofing Details: Where You Reside Determines Your Roof Type 

You won’t even understand this, but some kinds of roofs truly work better in sure climate and areas. Take Gable roofs for instance.

These roofs are shaped by two triangles at a 90-degree angle they usually’re superb for snowy cold climates. These roofs are also perfect if the householders wish to have an attic with a vaulted ceiling. 

Hipped roofs then again, that are the roofs which have four slopes of equal size on all 4 sides that be a part of on the prime to type a ridge, are more wind resistant than let’s say a gable roof. So should you reside in a windy area, you’re extra more likely to have a hipped roof over a gable one. 

Should you stay in an space the place it rains all the time, you don’t need a flat roof. Flat roofs make it straightforward for water to pool, and are greatest for drier less rainy climates. 

Water tends to pool more simply on a flat roof, which suggests any such roofing system could be greatest in a drier, much less rainy local weather. Additionally, flat roofs aren’t totally flat, they do have a slight slope of about 1/4 of an inch per foot. 

A Roof Is a Lot More Than Shingles and Wooden

A strong roof has a minimum of seven key elements. There the roof decking which helps all the load of your roof system. Then there’s the water or ice barrier which helps forestall injury if there’s any ice damming. 

Your roof needs to either a water resistant or waterproof underlayment to guard the deck from any moisture instantly creeping in.

Subsequent, there’s often a metallic flashing. This ensures that water will run off the sides of the roof. There’s also a drip edge which acts equally. 

And lastly, your roof has shingles and a air flow system which is called the soffits, this vents which air is ready to flow into.

There Are Totally different Varieties of Shingles 

In relation to shingles, they differ on many ranges the first being what the shingles are made out of. There are two principal styles of shingles, either natural or fiberglass. 


Fiberglass shingles are made up of a layer of waterproof asphalt coating, a prime layer of ceramic granules that shield from any injury brought on by UV rays, and a woven fiberglass mat. 

Since there’s fiberglass, these shingles want much less asphalt when they’re manufactured. Because of this, you’ll have a extra light-weight however nonetheless sturdy and hearth resistant shingle. Ninety % of all asphalt roofs in america are fiberglass shingles.  


Organic shingles are comprised of recycled layers of felt paper which is saturated in asphalt. These layers are then coated with adhesive asphalt and embedded ceramic granules so there’s additional protection.

Forty % more asphalt is concerned in the making of organic shingles in comparison with those made out of fiberglass. Which signifies that organic shingles are heavier, value extra and sarcastically regardless of being “natural” are literally worse for the setting. Natural shingles also don’t final very lengthy, which is why they’re not often used on newer houses. 

Shingles Design 

Shingles may also range when it comes to how they are designed. There are about three foremost shingle types. 

3-Tab Shingles 

This fashion can also be referred to as “strip” as it’s made out of a single piece or layer of material and had two cutouts on it’s exposed floor. You can also get this design as a three-tab, slate-like look.

Laminate Shingles

This type can also be known as “architectural,” because it incorporates a second set of shingles on prime of the first one so it appears prefer it’s 3D whereas additionally having some resistance.

These are thought-about to be the most effective design of shingles for residential roofs and are bought probably the most incessantly by householders. It’s also possible to get laminate shingles in premiums varieties and their line appears like wooden shake and heavy slate. 

Giant Type Shingles

These are either horizontal or rectangular and haven’t any tabs or cutouts on them.  

The Lifespan Of A Shingle Roof 

Most owners typically marvel how long their roof is sweet for. Properly, often the least expensive roofs sometimes are probably the most susceptible to wreck, temperature modifications, hight winds, sun exposure, and storms.

You may see injury to a lot of these roofs in five to 6 years or much less after the roof is installed. General, these roofs will final the shortest period of time of a mean of ten to twelve years. 

Shingle granules are utilized to your roof to protect your roof from UV rays, climate, and sunlight. When these granules start to put on off, the quicker your roof will age and leaks are more likely to occur. 

A New Roof Can Up Your Resale Value

You won’t want shingles should you plan to remain in your house for over five years. However when you’re trying to sell your home soon, shingles may be the most effective answer. Transforming Magazine discovered that a new roof can truly improve the resale value of your property to a nationwide common of about $12,000.

That is why it’s essential that you consider implementing if your property has an older roof. Consumers will respect your improved curb attraction an not having to fret about leaks. 

A Faulty Roof Can Break A Residence Sale

Not solely can a brand new roof assist sell your property, on the identical token a weak or defective roof can break the sale of your house. Which means a roof that has lacking or broken shingles, leaks or exhibits some other indicators of disrepair. A brand new home-owner doesn’t need to spend cash repairing a roof, so that you’ll need to fix your roof first before you promote your property. 

Widespread weak spots in your roof are areas which might be in want of safety from flashing. Widespread causes of roof leaks embrace damaged shingles or broken waterproofing supplies beneath your shingles.

You may need to completely exchange your roof due to broken shingles, but if the leak retains occurring and isn’t managed then there might be dry rot. Or if your roof is previous, it is going to have to be replaced.

It’s Not Okay To Cover An Present Roof

You may assume a quick fix inexpensive fix to your roofing problems is to easily cover up your roof. When truly this doesn’t remedy the issue, as double layered roofs cover up huge roofing points that ought to be addressed.

Double layering roods additionally add weight by hiding the corroding materials which just makes the issue worse. If earlier roofing supplies have been put in on prime of your present roof, you will have to switch your complete roof as soon as you possibly can. 

You Can’t DIY A Roof

You may assume that nearly any household concern could be fastened with a easy DIY, however this isn’t the case with roofs. A roof is actually an incredibly complicated system of layers that have to be correctly put in by a talented skilled who has the right instruments and training to ensure every thing properly works collectively. 

In the event you attempt to DIY your roof, you’ll be able to injury your walls, wooden body, electrical techniques, and attic. So don’t danger it and take a look at these roofing leads and get knowledgeable that will help you sooner moderately than later. 

Roofs Breathe

Whereas it’d sound counterproductive of what roofs are imagined to do, roofs really need a bit respiration area. Roof ventilation or the stream of air on the underside of your roof deck is likely one of the most key points of your complete roofing system. 

Roof ventilation lets moist, heat arm escape, and drier cooler air come into your attic. Should you don’t have this air flow in your roof, then condensation will build up in your attic which may injury your insulation, wooden, and partitions.  

A Roof Can Be Good For The Surroundings

“Cool roofs” are environmentally pleasant and may mirror ultraviolet infrared rays from the solar away from the building. This could lead to a better thermal emittance or the power for the room to emit radiation effectively. Cool roofs don’t solely assist householders with power conservation, additionally they can scale back air pollution and greenhouse fuel emissions in addition to mitigating warmth that is radiated into the environment.

Skilled Roof Cleaning Corporations Are Key

You need to maintain your roof clear and maintained to increase your roof’s life. Meaning maintaining your roof clear of fungus/lichen, algae and moss. Professional roof cleaners have special products and method to correctly clean your roof in a means that your shingles gained’t get harmed.

Additionally, the cleaning solutions they use are biodegradable which is harmful to the surroundings and crops and the setting

Repair Your Roof As we speak 

Now that you understand these invaluable roofing information, be sure to hold your roof in the perfect shape it can be in. It doesn’t harm to have knowledgeable roofer take a look at your roof every so often. It’s higher to catch these problems early before you’re and not using a roof. 

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