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Screenwriter Robert Mark Kamen On “Angel has Fallen”

 Added on September 5, 2019
 Angel Has Fallen , Robert Mark Kamen

Screenwriter Robert Mark Kamen On “Angel has Fallen”

The Angel Has Fallen onto our cinema screens to end the summer time with an nail-biting, high-octane action film. It’s the third within the collection of actioners, following Olympus Has Fallen (2013) and London has Fallen (2016). Every movie tracks the exploits of Secret Service Agent Mike Banning to battle the forces of evil while not getting himself killed. The original Mike Banning character was created by Creighton Rothenberger and Katrin Benedikt, who also wrote the story for Angel Has Fallen. The screenplay was penned by Robert Mark Kamen and Matt Prepare dinner & Ric Roman Waugh (director). Kamen spoke with Artistic Screenwriting Magazine about how this writing collaboration came together.

The screenwriter didn’t get his begin in the movie business in the huge motion genre. “Should you take a look at the primary four or 5 films I wrote, they have been extra dramas like Taps and Cut up Image,” stated Kamen. “I first began writing action once I went to work for Warner Bros. within the late eighties as a ‘script murderer’ – my term for the guy/gal who comes in and will get a script into shape prepared for filmin.” All of us keep in mind these huge eighties motion movies – all braun, little brain. Kamen found his work as an motion script murderer was fun. “My credo has all the time been “comply with the fun. It should sometimes get you in hassle, but principally it is going to lead to good food, good associates, good films, and… nice wine.”

The screenwriter hadn’t initially planned on writing Angel Has Fallen. “I was employed to repair a script that wasn’t working for Gerry [Butler] or the studio. I just approached it as “what movie within the collection would I wish to see subsequent. The answer was the one where Mike gets completely screwed over and has to battle his approach back,” he added.

Mark Robert Kamen

“I principally threw out the original script that was all about Air Drive One and wrote a brand new take on the material. One which was more character pushed, less concerning the growth and blow up, and fewer concerning the grand plot.”

The story and writing workforce didn’t truly work together simultaneously. It was more consecutive. Kamen obtained in touch with Rothenberger and Benedikt after he wrote his screenplay. “He informed the that Olympus Has Fallen had an amazing premise which labored as a result of the character they created in Mike found the right actor. Gerry is the right Mike. He’s a stunning human being in individual. And regardless that he goes all robust as nails in the films, the essential deceny of who he’s in  actual life comes by way of whether he is acutely aware of it or not.”

Doing a page one rewrite can ruffle a number of feathers. Kamen thought-about tips on how to deal with the screenplay by balancing the unique heart of the franchise together with his private take to allow a constant circulate across the films. “All the time remember that there is a primary fact to what the creators created, and check out to not stray too removed from that, just enhance on it where I can. There’s fact to the previous saw ‘depart nicely enough alone,’” he mused.

Matt Prepare dinner and director Ric Roman Waugh are the opposite credited screenwriters of Angel Has Fallen. “I [Kamen] by no means met both of them. I was long gone and onto something else by the point Ric got here onto the venture. I assume he brought Matt alongside to execute his concepts.”

The motion movie style has typically been dismissed as fashion over substance. Whereas this maxim holds true to a degree, consideration have to be given to the character improvement. “Mike has a clear conscience. And an overdeveloped sense of loyalty. If he was in the movie enterprise, he wouldn’t last every week,” joked Kamen.

Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) doesn’t significantly deviate from the standard motion hero mould. “They’re all good guys with a moral dilemma that will get solved by way of extreme violence and a heroic conscience,” summarized Kamen. It’s this simplicity that makes Mike so relatable as the everyman.

Mike Banning is the dutiful stalwart who prefers to remain out of the spotlight. His on a regular basis authenticity and down-to-earth humor stands out towards in the present day’s line-up of ostentatious, fantastical superheroes. We witness his humanity inside his superior fight expertise. Like all strong heroes. he has his flaws. He gained’t admit he can’t survive a day with out painkillers. He’s estranged from his father, and he needs to make amends among the many craziness surrounding him. Life is a wrestle as Banning battles adrenaline toxicity. And he must rescue the president within the process.

“Banning keeps making an attempt to resign from a job he is aware of is grinding him to a nub. He’s emotionally depleted. He needs to reclaim some of his life and reside a traditional existence before there’s nothing left of him. However that loyalty factor, that right and incorrect thing, retains messing him up,” continued Kamen. There are classes to be discovered and hard selections to be made.

We will’t overlook that Angel Has Fallen is an action movie. And the genre demands… nicely… spectacular action sequences. The movie does not disappoint. But too many vacuous chases and explosions can depart the viewers emotionally empty. Kamen realizes the need to stability visually beautiful motion sequences with more tender character moments. The screenwriter consulted Larry Gordon’s Whammo Chart to realize this stability. “Each ten pages WHAMMO! And in the between pages attempt to explain who this individual is. And why he does what he does.”

Then there was the achingly relevant Russian subplot within the movie which references at the moment’s political climate. “I feel Ric [Roman Waugh] and Matt [Cook] developed the Russian connection storyline later. My sub plot, the rationale for the assassination try on the POTUS, and the set up of Mike [Banning] had extra to do with the craven motives of an enormous hedge fund man who was about to be put out of enterprise when the POTUS (Morgan) signed legislation making his useful tax loop holes go away.”

Morgan Freeman. Photograph by Jack English

“He owned plenty of corporations and considered one of them was the his good friend’s (Wade) weekend warrior/mercenary training facility. The legislation was going to wipe out Wade’s whole investment and depart him with nothing but his army pension, which he had pledged as collateral to purchase the place in the first place. The VP was the one trying to kill the legislation, surreptitiously.”

“The whole Russian storyline was a lot grander in ambition, however a bit ambigious. The hedge fund plot happened as a result of I examine this large man who owned simply such a facility along with a Blackwater sort contractor firm, who spread money around to get authorities contracts, and to keep legislation from shutting down his tax loopholes. My concept was to tie the craven pursuit of money to the truth that considered one of these guys (like Erik Prince… or this other man) would go to any lengths to make a buck… including killing the POTUS.”

Kamen was asked how trendy motion films examine to those of earlier many years. “Extra blow up, more CGI. Extra More More. I really assume things like the automotive chases in Bullitt and The French Connection have been more related to the characters and so that you went with them totally. Now you watch insane stunts and CGId motion that’s accomplished by pc generated imaging, and it is arduous to stay related. You’re just overwhelmed. Gimme John Wick and people geniuses of gritty reality based mostly excessive gonzo action like David and Chad any day.”

His advice for motion screenwriters is straightforward. “Get characters you care deeply about and then put them in more and more inconceivable situations… and call David and Chad. Attempt to care more about your characters and the truth of the story you are trying to tell. Anybody can write an action scene. It’s the individuals doing the action which are arduous to put in writing.“

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