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The Ouija Board Said It Was Hungry

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Studying Time: 11 minutes

My identify is Henry Himura. I work for a big regulation agency located close to downtown Los Angeles. We’ve dealt with a number of the largest, most controversial instances within the final 20 years and have constructed fairly a reputation for ourselves. I’m utilizing a pseudonym, as a result of, as you’ll hear, this story is nearly fantastical, almost too scary to consider actual. I don’t need to destroy a profession I’ve spent a lot effort and time constructing simply because some individuals don’t need to consider the reality of what’s on the market. First, I simply need to challenge warning; by no means, ever play kokkuri-san. Regardless of how harmless the web or books might make it sound, don’t do it. That is the story of how my life modified ceaselessly, and the way I misplaced one thing so pricey.

Spirit boards are available all styles and sizes, and numerous names as properly. Within the US, the most typical one is a Ouija board. They’re meant as youngsters’s video games, when actually, you’ll be able to unleash one thing so highly effective and evil that it might by no means be bottled. Spirit boards are only a portal to the opposite aspect, a approach for spirits to speak immediately with the dwelling, and that spirit might be good or a complete evil menace. In accordance with my analysis, you should use absolutely anything as your spirit board.

In my native nation of Japan, we performed a recreation referred to as kokkuri-san. With this recreation, you query the spirits about your future, and they’ll typically reply, perhaps not with the reply you’re in search of. We might take a coin, place it on paper with some phrases and numbers written on it, and the coin would slide throughout to reply your query. After you have been completed, you have been supposed to inform kokkuri-san to go house and slid the coin to the purple torii image on the prime of the paper, after which tear the paper into forty-eight items or burn it.

Virtually thirty years in the past, my siblings and I, began enjoying kokkuri-san, and did so a dozen or so occasions earlier than shifting to America with out a lot various humorous responses from the fox spirit. The final time we performed kokkuri-san, my brother requested the spirit,

“Kokkuri-san, kokkuri-san, will you progress this coin?”

The coin slid throughout the paper in repeated circles for a number of seconds, then stopped.

“Kokkuri-san, when will I grow to be wealthy and well-known?” he requested.

The coin slide slowly throughout the paper, the coin was urgent so exhausting towards the paper that I assumed it might tear, however we have been barely urgent on it — one thing else was doing it. It spelled out:





Then a pause.



From behind us, someplace in the dead of night, got here a deep guttural growl, like that of a hungry canine; we didn’t personal a canine. We knew this was not kokkuri-san. It was by no means described to behave like this or to be threatening; one thing else had come via the sport! My brother panicked, operating throughout the room to seize father’s lighter from his desk door. He set the paper on hearth and dropped it into the sink to burn, then turned on the faucet to drown out the flames. I understand his mistake now, one thing that I want he would’ve carried out, and perhaps it might’ve prevented every thing that might come. He forgot to inform the kokkuri-san to go residence earlier than destroying the paper; he left it trapped in our world.

A number of weeks later, our father transferred his job with a automotive producer to the US and we moved to Seattle. At first, adjusting to the tradition shock was overwhelming however we had all taken English language courses in class and that made it simpler. I can keep in mind a day that we went right into a toy retailer and we have been shocked to see that there was a well-liked, extensively bought board recreation that was like kokkuri-san; the Ouija board. Our mom forbade us from shopping for it, saying it might solely invite hassle, and she or he was unaware that we had already performed kokkuri-san quite a few occasions by then.

My brother and I managed to sneak over to the shop and purchased the Ouija board later that week. Katsuro was probably the most keen to purchase it, which was apparent. I requested him why.

“Each night time because the final time we performed kokkuri-san, I’ve had these nightmares. They’re too actual, typically I feel they really occur to me. In these goals, I’m mendacity in mattress and from the nook of my eye, I can see a darkish shadow beside me. I can hear it taking deep, gasping breaths and the dripping of saliva, like it’s ravenous. It speaks to me in a growl, demanding that I feed it.”

I requested him, “Did you ask what it needs?”

He paused for a second, deep in thought, as we walked down the sidewalk again residence, “No, I all the time get up and I can’t transfer for a very long time. Typically, I swear it truly is standing beside the mattress, like it’s ready for me to feed it… or to feed on me.” I might see the worry in his eyes and his voice. I had little question he was telling the reality.

“Perhaps you’re simply dreaming, Katsuro. Goals typically appear to be they’re actual however they’re not, they’re—.”

“Goals don’t breathe into your ear when you’re mendacity in your again and unable to scream, or yell, or do something!”

I might solely cling my head in disgrace as a result of I felt horrible for doubting my brother. I needed to consider him, however who might actually consider one thing so outrageous with out seeing it your self? Katsuro was by no means one to lie and would virtually break his neck to inform the reality. “Okay, so what do you need to do with the Ouija board?”

“I need to converse to it, banish it again to hell, then burn that board. This time, we’ll play by the principles; this time, it gained’t comply with us!” he was lifeless critical and had the bravery of somebody far older than twelve. Tears have been streaming down his cheeks as he clinched his fists, his stride turning into quicker and quicker. That occurred on a Monday.

Our mother and father can be out the next Friday to a dinner with a few of father’s executives to welcome him to the USA, they usually stated they might be out for hours. I used to be in cost as a result of I used to be the oldest at fifteen and so I needed to control my siblings. Michiko was fourteen on the time and she or he was too preoccupied with the wonderment of American tv, so Katsuro and I made a decision to go away her out of the plan, and we additionally felt prefer it was favor to our solely sister to go away her out of any chaos which may occur.

I might learn English properly, however my siblings weren’t so nice. The Ouija board was in English, in fact, so I must translate as a result of Katsuro couldn’t. We unboxed the ‘recreation’, studying the principles out loud.

‘By no means play alone.’ Examine.

‘By no means play in a graveyard.’ Examine. It made me double assume if any have been close by, however I didn’t consider there have been.

‘By no means burn it.’ This one Katsuro turned annoyed over.

“Why not?!” he cried bemoaning.

“I don’t know, Katsuro. It doesn’t say. They’re simply the principles, I don’t assume it’d be a good suggestion to query them.”

By no means depart the planchette on the board. “Why not?” he requested.

“I don’t know? I suppose it will depart the doorway open? Cease questioning the principles and simply pay attention!”

“Okay! Positive!”

‘By no means ask when you’ll die.’

And the final rule: ‘Don’t overlook to say goodbye.’

“That’s the one we forgot with kokkuri-san!” Katsuro jogged my memory.

Thunder was rolling outdoors, and it sounded very near the home. Then lightning crashed, casting the entire home in a shiny mild like a digital camera flash.

“Sure, Katsuro, and let’s not do this once more,” I put the principles again into the field and slammed my palms on the desk. “In case you a lot as attempt to break any of those guidelines, I can’t be accountable if one thing will get you!”

“I gained’t!”

“Good. Now, let’s hurry earlier than—”

That was when the lights shut off. Katsuro flipped the sunshine change a number of occasions with no impact. I keep in mind groaning with indignation on the annoyance. What I hadn’t observed then, and what I want I might have, was that Michiko by no means requested what occurred, and even made a sound concerning the energy going out. We might see why later.

“No! It shut off the lights! It’s onto our plan!” the worry was rising in his voice.

“Shut up, Katsuro! It’s in all probability the storm! Go get these candles that mom retains for emergencies! Hurry!”

Katsuro fetched the candles with an eagerness I not often noticed in him. He was at a operating tempo, and I couldn’t see him, however I heard him rummaging via cupboards at a frantic tempo, adopted by the patting of his ft coming again down the hallway.

“Received em!”

“Okay. I hope you didn’t break something,” I stated as I leered at him, “Anyway, let’s mild them across the desk so we will see the board higher.”

“I want the facility was working,” his voice was quaking.

“I do too however we’ll have to attend for the facility firm to repair it.”

I struck a match, however it went out with an abrupt hiss. I assumed that the match was only a dud, so I struck one other, and the identical factor occurred. My annoyance was constructing at this level. I struck one other, and one other, and one other; all of them snuffed out inside a second of being struck. My brother discovered a stick lighter and tried that as properly, however it did the identical factor. There was no gust or blowing of the air conditioner that would trigger that because the energy was out. Lastly, after a number of makes an attempt, the spirit allowed us to mild our candles, as if it have been mocking us.

We started to play kokkuri-san on the Ouija board. Katsuro went to the window by the eating room desk and opened it. The ozone odor of the thunderstorm flooded the within of the home and the loud rumbling of thunder crammed the home. We eliminated the planchette from the field and positioned it on the backside. After a couple of moments of hesitation, we each positioned our arms on the planchette and began the sport.

“Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, for those who’re right here, please transfer this… planchette,” my brother stated, not sure if he was saying the phrase appropriately. He pronounced it extra like ‘blanket’ however I simply shrugged and laughed. In case you haven’t seen a Ouija board, the planchette is the triangular piece that gamers however the arms on and is utilized by the spirits to level to letters and numbers.

Inside an prompt, it started spelling out:







“What does it say, Henry?”

“It says it’s hungry,” I replied, virtually crying in my worry. I wasn’t positive why I used to be afraid, however one thing about the best way it jumped straight to its demand was blood-chilling. “Did you progress it? Did you?”

“No! I’d by no means do this, Henry! I didn’t!” I believed him, and I might really feel the tightening grip of worry in my abdomen.

To the purpose, Katsuro requested, “What do you need to eat?”

The planchette moved, it moved with such pressure that I keep in mind having hassle retaining my fingers on it, virtually simply letting go to see if it’d simply transfer by itself.





I almost flung my palms off the planchette and ran out of the room, however I reminded myself that I used to be the older one and I needed to be robust for my little brother. I additionally wasn’t positive what’d occur if to us if I did let go.

“I’ll discover you one thing,” Katsuro answered, almost leaping from his chair. He was dashing towards the fridge.

“No! Don’t give it what it needs! You’ll make it—” that was all I received out earlier than a sheering ache went down my again, a ache so robust that I discovered it exhausting to breath. I fell to the ground, writhing within the sudden, screaming ache. Gasping, I moved my hand underneath my shirt. I winced because it touched the pained space and noticed blood once I checked out it.

“Katsuro! Take a look at my again! Please!” he was digging via the fridge by then, virtually ignoring me totally, as he appeared desperately for one thing to supply.

He casually seemed over his shoulder, “I’ll be proper there!”, he stated as he shut the fridge and got here operating over to me, his little arms carrying wrapped floor beef that he sat on the desk. He checked out my again, and gasped.

“Henry! There are three lengthy scratches going all the best way down your again! What occurred!?”

“It was that spirit! It did that once I advised you to not feed it! You’re simply going to make it stronger, Katsuro!”

We each made eye contact with the bottom beef, however the packages have been empty. There was no signal that the packaging had been reduce, torn, damaged in to in any way – simply empty packages. The planchette moved once more, this time with out us touching it. It moved with a jerky movement, like one thing didn’t fairly know what it was doing, or just like the jerky motion of pc lag.





Then it slid to a clean space and again onto the board.






Katsuro grabbed the planchette and threw it out the window as exhausting as his little arms might. Once we turned again round, it was again on the desk on the phrase NO.

Then it started to spell out.






I moved the planchette to the phrase NO after which to GOODBYE, however then it moved by itself again to the phrase NO and spelled the subsequent phrase so quick that I might barely inform that’s stated:







Michiko gave out a terrifying scream so loud that someone would’ve referred to as the police if they might’ve heard her over the storm. Katsuro and I rushed down the hallway to her room on the far proper of the hallway. She was mendacity on her aspect beneath the blankets, dealing with the wall, nonetheless screaming. I rolled her over to look at her; her eyes have been shut, as if she have been in a deep sleep, however her mouth was shrieking in bloody terror. I shook her arduous a number of occasions, calling her identify, making an attempt my greatest to wake her, however she simply stored screaming. Her arm flopped from beneath the blanket over the aspect of the mattress as I used to be shaking her, and I noticed that her wrist was slowly dripping blood onto the carpet. It wasn’t slit on the artery or something life threatening, however pricked, like with a small knife, and was solely bleeding a couple of drops at a time. I knew First Help, so I wrapped the wound with certainly one of her clear socks from her dresser and advised Katsuro we needed to finish this now.

As we have been leaving Michiko’s room, the temperature in all the home plummeted, which was unexplainable because it was late summer time, and the air con wasn’t working because of the energy outage. I observed that my breath popping out in a cloud. The lights started to flicker then, and I noticed one thing standing on the finish of the hallway; a pitch-black determine about seven-feet-tall, almost as excessive because the ceiling! It appeared like a person, however I it had lengthy, skinny claws as an alternative of palms, and a smile full of pointed tooth. It was gone as soon as the flickering stopped a number of moments later. It was displaying us what it was, and I knew that it was warning us to proceed… or else.

Katsuro and I sat down on the desk, positioned our palms on the board.

“What can we do to make you go away?”

The planchette moved to NO, then GOODBYE.

My brother sighed, however then gave out a shriek of terror as he was jerked to the ground and dragged down the hallway by some invisible drive. I jumped up, grabbing his arms, pulling with the whole lot I had however couldn’t budge him. It was going straight into his closet. He stored screaming, “No! Please no! Cease! Simply cease!” as he was being pressured down the hallway and inside his bed room closed. From inside the closet, I noticed yellow eyes and a large smile staring again at me. I grabbed onto Katsuro’s arms, making an attempt my greatest to cease it, nevertheless it was no use; the closet snapped shut with a tough and highly effective slam and Katsuro went inside.

Out of panic and desperation, I attempted to open the closet doorways. After a number of makes an attempt, the doorways lastly opened. My brother was not inside. Inside, there have been piles of Styrofoam meat trays, all appeared to have been opened lately. I noticed later that Katsuro had been spending his allowance on numerous sorts of meats for this factor. I additionally discovered one other kokkuri-san paper underneath a few of the trays. I tore it into 48 items, together with the Ouija board, burned them, and threw the ashes into the wind, considering perhaps that that it’d summon him again. It didn’t.

He didn’t.

It has been almost twenty years since he went lacking and we filed that lacking individuals report. My mother and father assumed that he ran away to return to Japan. The transfer had been arduous on him and he expressed his dislike of the transfer typically. As for the meat trays, nicely, my mother and father and the police didn’t point out that element or ask about it, virtually if they only didn’t discover them. For weeks, I looked for my brother, discovering no hint of him. Typically I’d sit in his closet, begging for a solution, however I’d get nothing. My mother and father grieved a very long time, and their marriage dissolved consequently. Mom went again to Japan, whereas she allowed father to maintain us in America, the place I completed faculty and later turned a lawyer. My father as soon as satisfied me to pay a personal investigator to seek out Katsuro, however as you might guess, they discovered no hint of him both.

After I write this, there’s a Ouija board on my eating room desk. On the desk, I even have some low cost floor beef, my brother’s favourite toy, and one thing I’ve that I didn’t thirty years in the past; an enormous information on the best way to kill a demon.

Credit score: The Lifeless Canary (Chilling Tales for Darkish Nights • YouTube • Reddit)
For those who want to narrate the story please contact Chilling Tales for Darkish Nights for permission by clicking right here.

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