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When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

The Swing - Creepypasta


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Estimated studying time — 12 minutes

Once I first noticed Arron, he was mendacity on the ground of the Thompson’s bed room, nonetheless as demise.

“Hey! Are you okay?”

I prodded him with my toe. Then I crouched down and shook him, like mad, till his eyes fluttered open.

“Don’t do that!” he yelled in my face. His breaths have been panicked and quick, as if he’d simply come up from underwater. A rustling noise got here from the opposite aspect of the room, and I observed there have been a number of different individuals sprawled out throughout the ground.

“Sorry,” I stated. “I assumed you have been handed out.”

“No. I used to be sleeping.”

“Everybody else is on the market consuming and dancing, and also you’re sleeping?”

“Not sleeping,” one of many women piped up. “Astral projecting.”


I’d heard the tales. I didn’t consider them, in fact — however I’d heard them. Up to now a number of months, all types of untamed tales had popped up. Particularly on web boards and novice web sites.

A number of the tales have been fantastic. Just like the woman affected by macular degeneration, who stated it let her see for the primary time in years. Others have been terrifying. Just like the teenage woman who realized considered one of her classmates was utilizing it to spy on the women’ locker room. Others have been simply… complicated. Like the lady who most popular the astral aircraft to actual life. Now her household waits by her bedside, watching her comatose physique, ready for her to return again house.

“Does it work?” I requested.

“Yeah. And it’s fantastic,” Arron stated. His ocean-blue eyes met mine, and he smiled. “It is best to be a part of us.”

“No thanks.”

“It’s much better than dancing to crappy music and consuming low cost beer.”

“I wasn’t consuming. I used to be speaking to individuals.”

“Nicely, that is a lot higher than speaking to individuals. You’ll soar among the many clouds. See the celebs up shut. Swim within the ocean, with out ever arising for air. It’s the perfect factor on the planet.”

Arron’s voice rippled with pleasure as he talked. For a second, I used to be tempted to only lie down on the filthy carpet with him, and check out it out for myself.

However I couldn’t.

“Perhaps another time,” I advised him.

I left the bed room. As I walked in the direction of the corridor, although, footsteps sounded behind me. I turned to see Arron following.

“What are you doing?”

He shot me one other hypnotizing smile. “I modified my thoughts. There is one thing higher than astral projection.”



I laughed. “Good pick-up line, there.”

“Come on. You favored it.” He shot me a wink. “I’m Arron.”


We took a seat within the nook of the room, away from the beating mass of youngsters within the middle. “Do you go to Glenmont Excessive? I haven’t seen you round earlier than,” I stated, over the music.

“I’m new. My household simply moved right here from Pennsylvania.”

“Oh. Do you prefer it right here?”

“Yeah, I –”

A scream rang out, above the music. Then a woman broke by means of the gang — face purple, eyes moist with tears.

“He gained’t get up,” she screamed. “He gained’t get up!”

Arron leapt up and ran again to the bed room. I adopted. A number of individuals crowded round a nonetheless type on the ground. Arron pushed by means of them. “Eric, are you able to hear me?” he shouted, shaking him. “Eric! Hey, come on!”

He didn’t reply.

Arron thrust a hand underneath his again. In a single fast, robust movement, he pushed him up. Eric’s eyes shot open. He started to cough.

“He’s okay. He’s okay.” Eric started to cough. Arron smacked him on the again. “That’s it, Eric. You’re okay.”

My pounding coronary heart crammed with admiration. Arron wasn’t simply good-looking and type — he was a hero.


The subsequent few weeks have been a blur. Arron texted me day by day, and we frequently stayed up till the wee hours chatting. He’d inform me about his experiences touring, his pleasure at us being collectively. Finneas didn’t approve; he and Arron have been each seniors. “He’s too previous for you,” Finneas would say. “And he’s type of bizarre. Hangs round with that astrological, religious crowd.”

I didn’t see him like that. I used to be falling in love.

We’d been courting for nearly a month when Arron introduced up astral projection once more.

“So, I don’t need to strain you or something, however… I used to be questioning should you’d challenge with me.”

I turned to him, frowning. “I don’t know, Arron. It appears harmful. After what occurred to Eric –”

“That was his fault. He didn’t have a companion. You all the time undertaking with a companion, in case one thing goes flawed.”

“I don’t know, Arron. It’s not likely my factor.”

“However you’ve by no means tried it!” His blue eyes took on that faraway look — the identical look I’d seen when he was driving me residence that very first night time. “Come on, Billie. It’ll be romantic. We’ll soar among the many clouds, collectively.”

“However simply final week, some lady projected for a number of hours. And a few individuals are saying she isn’t the identical, like she’s possessed or one thing –”

“That’s like, one out of hundreds. Apart from — you’ve obtained somebody with tons of expertise to tug you again if something goes fallacious.” He appeared into my eyes, once more. “Please? It will imply a lot to me.”

I sighed. “Okay, okay. I’ll attempt it.”

He grinned. Gently holding my hand, he guided me into the bed room. “Go forward and lie down on the mattress. In your again.”

I quirked an eyebrow at him. “You higher not be making an attempt something.”

He laughed and lay down subsequent to me.

“Just some issues to recollect, earlier than we begin. First — don’t lose sight of me, okay? I’ll be maintaining you protected. Second — if something seems off, don’t strategy it. There are… issues, within the astral aircraft, that you simply don’t need to work together with. Third — we will’t keep longer than an hour. The longer you keep, the more durable it’s to return again.”

“That’s not encouraging.”

He turned to me, blue eyes locked on mine. “I will probably be with you each step of the best way, Billie. You’re going to be advantageous. Okay?”


“Now… shut your eyes and chill out. Fade out all of the sounds and sights round you. Should you really feel a heavy, tingling feeling — as should you’re falling asleep — that’s if you need to act. Think about you’re being pulled out of your physique by a rope, or climbing up a ladder.”

“That is so bizarre.”

“Simply attempt it.”

I closed my eyes and tried to loosen up. Inside ten minutes, I felt the heavy, tingling feeling that he described. I imagined a type of infinite ladder protruding of my stomach — after which me, climbing up it, out of my physique.

A pop crammed my ears.

After which I used to be staring down at myself.

“Holy crap,” I stated. However it got here out as extra of an ethereal echo, vibrating by means of area itself.

“I can’t consider you probably did it in your first attempt!”

I turned to see Arron hovering beside me. He seemed the identical — besides his garments and physique have been washed in neon, as if he have been standing beneath a blacklight. When he smiled, his tooth glowed brightly.

“Are you prepared?”

“I assume.”

He took my hand and pulled.

We soared proper up via the roof. Greater and better into the sky, till the city under shrunk to tiny pinpricks of sunshine.

“Watch in your tether.”

I appeared right down to see a white string popping out of my chest. It prolonged down into the darkness, far under, like some type of ghostly umbilical twine. “What is that?”

“The factor that tethers you to your physique.”

“However you don’t have one.”

“With sufficient apply, you don’t want one. You simply snip it off.” He reached for my hand once more and tugged. “Come on. Let’s go.”

I didn’t reply.

One thing had caught my eye. An orange mild, within the distance, shimmering and flickering between the mountains. “What’s that?”

“What’s what?” Arron requested, scanning the panorama.

“The sunshine.” As I spoke, it began to develop. A glint became a flame; a flame grew right into a river of orange. It bled in the direction of the city at scary velocity. Puffs of black smoke clouded the sky, blocking out the moon.

“Arron! Is that fireplace?!”

He didn’t reply. He simply stared at me with these ocean-blue eyes.

The orange reached the primary few homes on the fringe of city. As quickly because it touched them, they burst into flame. Then it unfold additional into city, pooling within the roads and crevices. As quickly because it got here into contact with a home, it burst into flame.

Then got here the screams.

Horrible, shrill screams of ache. Rising up from the city like a refrain. “Arron!” I yelled over the sound. “Please, do one thing –”

Then I used to be falling.

Quick and onerous, yanked ahead by the twine in my chest. The chilly air shortly warmed as I neared the city. The orange mild licked my face. I closed my eyes. My scream joined the others.


My eyes flew open.

“Arron! We now have to get out of right here. The hearth, the hearth –”

“Billie, it’s okay.”

He wrapped his arms round me. The window outdoors was darkish and chilly; not a single flicker of sunshine.

“However the hearth –”

“Simply your creativeness.” He pulled away from me, ran his hand by means of my hair. “Typically, for those who’re not completely relaxed… in case you’re burdened, or distracted… your personal ideas can pollute the expertise. Particularly the primary few occasions.”

“Why didn’t you inform me that?”

“I didn’t need to scare you. I assumed perhaps –”

“Perhaps I’d say no?!”

He sighed. “I simply needed to have a enjoyable with you, Billie.”

I grabbed my issues and stormed out. Then I went to sleep, fuming mad.


We spent a couple of days in silence. No texts, no calls, no emails.

Lastly, I broke down and drove to his place. After 5 minutes of knocking, he opened the door.

“Billie.” As quickly as he noticed me, these ocean-blue eyes lit up as if the solar was hitting the water. “I’m so sorry.”

He pulled me right into a hug. The 2 of us stood there on his doorstep, hugging one another like we have been afraid the opposite may slip away at any second.

“I really like you, Billie.”

“I really like you too, Arron.”

For the subsequent few months, our relationship was unimaginable. We spent our days exploring city, and our nights wanting up on the stars in Groveland Park. It was on one among these nights, round 1 AM, that astral projection got here up once more.

“We must be getting again, shouldn’t we?”

“You go on forward,” Arron stated, stretching out on the blanket. “I’m going to sleep out right here. I need to astral challenge once more. See the celebs up shut.”

“Okay. Goodnight.” I began throughout the grass. The park was so quiet, so empty presently of night time. I considered my mattress, too, empty at residence. With out Arron.

I rotated. “Truly, I’ll keep right here with you.”

His eyes lit up. “Actually?”

“I need to see the celebs with you.” I took a deep breath and squeezed his hand. “I’ll attempt it simply this yet one more time. For you.”

We lay again within the grass. The sky hung over us, scattered with stars. Arron reached for my hand, and we closed our eyes.

It got here faster this time. The tingling, the heavy feeling… all of it got here on inside minutes. I felt my spirit peeling off my physique, lifting out of the bottom.

Then I used to be hanging within the night time air, wanting down at our our bodies under.

“Wow, that was fast,” Arron stated.

“Follow makes good, I assume.”

The park shrunk away as the 2 of us soared up in the direction of the celebs. “They’re a lot extra lovely up right here, see?”

However I wasn’t wanting on the stars.

I used to be wanting down on the forest. One thing was improper. The timber have been shaking, swaying, knocking into one another. A number of toppled to the bottom.

“What’s occurring down there?”

“I don’t know.”

The timber roiled and quaked, as if one thing immense was passing by way of. “Is one thing in there?” I requested.


An immense shadow stepped out of the forest. Thick and tusked, like an elephant; lithe and sleek, like a jaguar. It crossed over the park in fast, speedy strides. The earth shook beneath its ft.

“Arron! What is that?!”


The sector tore open underneath its ft. Grass gave approach to a fissure of rock, filth, and darkness — simply a number of ft from our comatose our bodies. The determine had stopped in the midst of the park, sniffing the air.

“We’ve got to get again! Arron, we’ve got to –”

I ended.

Arron was hovering a couple of ft under me. Holding my tether in a single hand — and a knife within the different.

“What are you doing?!”

However I used to be too late. The knife touched the tether. Instantly, a shockwave of ache rippled by means of my physique.

I yanked away from him. However he held quick to it; I snapped again, as if on a leash.


“I would like you to be right here, with me, perpetually.” He slashed on the tether once more. I screamed in ache. Crrack! Crrack! Extra fissures erupted beneath me. The entire world shook.

One other sharp ache stung my chest.

After which I used to be floating. Drifting away, as if blown by some invisible present. “Arron — assist!” I screamed. The world began to blur and shift.

My tether was gone.

I appeared round wildly — on the shaking, splitting floor. On the swaying timber. The place is my physique? The place is it?

There. A speck of white among the many darkish grass.

I pressured myself to fall in the direction of it. With each fiber of my being, I targeting that speck of white, among the many blurry, shaking panorama. The present tugged at me, making an attempt to tug me away. I wouldn’t let it.

With a pop, I opened my eyes.

The sky lay above me. The earth not shook.

I scrambled up.

A hand grabbed my ankle, arduous, and yanked me again.

“Arron! What are you doing? Let me go!”

He didn’t reply. He simply stared at me, his ocean-blue eyes burning with anger.

I yanked as arduous as I might. Then I ran. I sprinted via the park, previous the timber, to the automotive. Arron’s footsteps thundered behind me.

I yanked the door open and dove inside. I pressed the locks simply as Arron’s hand hit the deal with.

“Let me in, Billie.”

“No,” I sobbed. “You have been making an attempt to harm me. Why, Arron? Why?”

“Come on, Billie.”

“You’re scaring me,” I stated by means of the glass. “Please, simply go.”

“I simply needed us to be collectively.”

“Why did I see these horrible issues, then? The monster? The cracks within the earth? The hearth?”

“It’s the longer term, Billie.” He sighed, as if what he was saying really pained him. “Humanity has sinned towards the earth far an excessive amount of, for much too lengthy. We break by way of the gates, cleanse the Earth, and begin it anew.”

“We? Who’s we?”

“Us, on the astral aircraft.”

“You aren’t making any sense.”

“Didn’t you ever marvel why I don’t have a tether?”

The items slowly match collectively in my thoughts. “No. You’re possessing Arron?” I full of anger. “Get out of his physique! He’s mine! You’ll be able to’t take him away from me!” I pounded the glass and screamed.

“No. I am Arron. However this physique… it belongs to some man in Nevada named Derek.”

My coronary heart plummeted. “What?”

“Don’t fear. You, Billie, don’t should endure like the remaining. You’re one of many good ones. We’ll keep within the astral aircraft, whereas the remainder of the world burns.”

“I simply need to go house.”

His expression turned indignant once more. “Residence? What’s there for you, at house? Your brother? Your mother and father?”

I nodded.

“Then I’ll convey them with us.”

“What? No, Arron –”

He took off throughout the park. He lay down within the middle of the garden, on the rumpled blanket, the place we had held palms simply an hour earlier than.

I leapt out of the automotive and ran. I didn’t cease till I used to be standing in entrance of my home, weak and breathless.

I ran within the door and ran up the steps. “Mother? Dad? Finneas?” I shouted.

I bumped into the main bedroom first.

Mother and Dad lay on the mattress, silent and nonetheless. “Mother?” I yelled. I grabbed her shoulders and shook her. “Mother, please. Get up.”



I ran out of the room. “Finneas! Finneas!” I shouted as I ran down the corridor.

Finneas lay in mattress. His physique jerked and twitched wildly.

“Finneas!” I grabbed him by the shoulders and shook him. “Finneas, please! Get up!”

He fell nonetheless.

Then he rubbed his eyes. “Billie?”

“Oh, thank God. Finneas, we have to get assist. Mother and Dad gained’t get up. We have to get out of right here, earlier than –”

I ended.

His eyes had fluttered open.

They have been a brilliant, ocean blue.

“Hey once more, Billie.”

Credit score: The Lifeless Canary (Chilling Tales for Darkish Nights • YouTube • Reddit)
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