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Would You Like to Feed the Birds?

Nobody Lives Here But You

10 Aug Would You Wish to Feed the Birds?

I had all the time beloved this one cemetery ever since I was slightly woman. Not solely have been the grounds lovely, however the cemetery itself was absolutely large. I all the time imagined it as a fantasy world, or a gateway to a completely totally different dimension the place the souls of the departed might spend their time before shifting on to the subsequent life. The one factor that I liked most, nevertheless, have been the birds. Back then, my father and I might go there to hen watch on occasion, simply to catch a glimpse of the birds on this beautiful habitat. I even had my very own set of binoculars with the identify “Evelyn” taped to them.

“Why are there all the time so many birds here, Daddy?” I keep in mind asking.

“Nicely, Evy,” my father answered, “It’s due to all the timber.” I do know this wasn’t the actual purpose, but I’m positive my father figured this is able to be enough to satisfy an 8-year-old.

“Is that it?” I requested, unconvinced. My father laughed and stopped to assume.

“Truly, there is perhaps one more reason,” he stated with a smile “there’s a man that lives right here referred to as the groundskeeper. It’s his job to ensure the cemetery seems good for everyone that comes to visit, together with the birds!”

This answer made my imagination start to run wild. I might provide you with little tales of how the groundskeeper, a man I by no means met, would go about his day. I pictured an previous man strolling via the cemetery with a shining smile, watering flowers and feeding the birds.

As I obtained older, I started to spend much less time at the cemetery and my stories concerning the groundskeeper have been pushed to the back of my thoughts. This was, in fact, until the day I truly saw him.

It was two days after my thirteenth birthday, and my mother and father have been driving me to high school. We stopped at a pink mild right in entrance of the cemetery and I proceeded to look out the window. I smiled, remembering the times I spent there once I was little. My smile shortly pale once I observed a man sitting beneath one of many timber. His shaggy grey hair coated his face, and he was sporting a very soiled wanting pea coat. Because the automotive started to move again, I appeared out the again window to see if I might make out anything before he was out of website. Nothing. I was about to show away when something caught my attention. I jerked my head again and noticed a flock of birds gather at this man’s ft.

“Hey, who’s that within the cemetery?” I requested my mother and father. My father was driving so he advised my mother to take a look. My mother turned her head to look out the passenger aspect window, however it was too late.

“I didn’t see them sweetie” My mother replied “However the cemetery is closed proper now, Evy, there shouldn’t be anyone in there”

“It’s in all probability the groundskeeper,” my father stated. “I’m positive he’s just on the brink of open up quickly.”

I didn’t say anything. I hadn’t thought concerning the groundskeeper in years, however I did keep in mind how I envisioned him. This individual was nothing like what I had imagined.

My grandfather died from a coronary heart attack a few month after I graduated from school. He never had any health points, and even the docs discovered it to be a freak prevalence. Nevertheless, this stuff can occur and my grandfather was capable of reside his life to the fullest, even on the age of 90.

Just a few close family and friends came to his funeral. My grandfather by no means appreciated giant crowds, so we truly found this to be applicable.

We arrived on the cemetery at about four pm that day. It was a phenomenal fall afternoon, sunny and not too chilly. I stood next to my mother and father holding their arms as we listened to the priest. As he spoke, my eyes began to wander. I used to be taking in the fall colours, once I observed a darkish figure sitting on a bench beneath a tree solely a few yards away. It appeared like a man however I couldn’t tell, and my eyes remained fastened on him via the service.

When it was lastly time for us to go away, the man was nonetheless there.

“Dad,” I whispered turning to my father “do we know that guy?” My dad appeared over to the person sitting underneath the tree. A couple of birds flew in and landed at the man’s ft.

“I don’t know him” my dad answered “he’s in all probability simply one other visitor, or somebody that works right here”

“Like the groundskeeper?” I asked. My dad checked out me somewhat stunned.

“I assume he could possibly be.” My dad stated, wanting again up at the man, “seems to be like he’s received a method with birds” I appeared again over to the man. There were now nicely over a dozen birds surrounding him. Some have been perched within the tree, some stood at his ft, and a few even sat next to him on the bench.

Out of pure curiosity, I made a decision to go over and converse with the stranger. Since my household was shut by, I wasn’t frightened about something dangerous occurring.

“Excuse me?” I stated as I approached the man “do you’re employed here?” The man appeared up at me. He was sporting a darkish pea coat and had messy silver hair. He was younger, in all probability in his mid to late 20s, but his complexion was off. His skin was a ghostly white, and it seemed like he hadn’t slept in days.

“I do,” he stated. His voice was deep, and under no circumstances what I was expecting. At that moment, an eerie silence fell over us. The birds had stopped chirping and even the slight breeze had appeared to vanish utterly.

“Oh, okay! I was just curious,” I replied, making an attempt my greatest not to sound uncomfortable, “Properly, good to satisfy you. Have a great day.” I rotated and started walking again in the direction of my family. I might feel a number of sets of eyes on me as I walked again, quickening my pace. This man frightened me, but I didn’t know why. I’ve been around sick individuals earlier than, some that seemed rather a lot worse than he did, and I by no means had a problem with any of them. I’ve additionally never been afraid of birds, or any animals for that matter. Even still, at that second I might really feel what I can only describe as a way of impending doom.

A number of days later, I headed over to my grandfather’s house to select up a number of of his belongings. All the gadgets that have been packed away in bins can be briefly housed at my condominium whereas my household found out what to do with them. After I loaded the last box into my automotive, I made a decision to do a remaining sweep of the house to ensure I didn’t miss anything. I appeared by way of the kitchen cupboards and on every shelf in the living room, but couldn’t discover anything. My family was all the time very thorough when it got here to cleansing, so I actually wasn’t that stunned. My last cease was the bed room. I went by means of the closet and all the drawers and came to the conclusion that this room was empty as properly. I was about to go away when a thought crossed my mind. The bed. I knelt down and lifted up the previous cover cowl. The light from the window reflected off of a small object that was pushed up towards the wall. I reached underneath the bed and pulled out a small journal.

“There’s no method I’m leaving this behind,” I stated to myself. I assist the small leather-bound ebook closed and left the house.

That night time, I had a wierd dream. I dreamt that I used to be a bit of child again and I was operating via the cemetery. I keep in mind sitting underneath a tree, buzzing a tune and watching the branches sway within the wind. All of a sudden, the blue sky grew cloudy because the wind began to select up. The leaves on the timber turned brown and fell off the branches. When the final of the leaves had gone, I heard a deep voice behind me.

“it’s a stunning day, isn’t it, Evelyn?” I rotated and noticed a person with shaggy gray hair, and a unclean pea coat. The man never looked at me, however as an alternative fastened his eyes on a flock of birds headed in our course.

In my dream, I knew who this man was.

“You’re the groundskeeper, aren’t you?” I stated calmly. The person nodded, his gaze nonetheless held by the flock of birds that was now at our ft.

“I am.” He replied. He knelt down beside me and handed me a small paper bag “would you wish to feed the birds?”

I awakened. I wasn’t positive if the dream had scared me or not, however it undoubtedly left me feeling uncomfortable. I turned on my mild, sat up, and stared at the corner of my room. The bins from my grandfather’s home have been all neatly stacked subsequent to my dresser, with the journal I had found laid perfectly on prime. I obtained away from bed, walked over to the stack of packing containers and picked up the journal. To today, I’m unsure what made me need to read what was inside. Perhaps the dream had sparked my imagination and curiosity. Either approach, I opened the small ebook and commenced reading. There actually wasn’t rather a lot in it. It was primarily small sketches of crops, birds and a few text to go together with them.

“My son is taking Evelyn to the cemetery once more at present. It warms my heart to understand how a lot she loves that place” This introduced a tear to my eye. I was all the time shut with my grandfather, and virtually forgot that he was an avid hen watcher himself. I turned the web page and one thing fell to the ground. I picked it up and observed it was an previous Polaroid photograph of me, my dad, and my grandfather. Upon analyzing it closer, nevertheless, I observed one other figure in the background. Holding the Polaroid in a single hand, I learn what my grandfather had wrote on the subsequent web page. “A wonderful day. A disgrace we didn’t notice the young man sitting back there.” I turned the page. “I had a chat with the groundskeeper as we speak. I feel that guy likes birds even more than I do.” I began to really feel uneasy. This sounded rather a lot like the person I met the opposite day. I turned the web page once more, solely this time it was clean. I stored turning till I ended at a page coated with text.

“I noticed the man once more tonight. This time, he was outdoors my bed room window before he disappeared. There’s little question about it anymore. It’s him.” I began to get frightened. My grandfather had never mentioned something about seeing individuals. Why would he maintain one thing like this from us? I continued reading. “It’s clear to me now. He gained’t depart me alone until I give myself up. I’m opening the window. I’ll be food for the birds soon”. I closed the journal. I had no concept what I simply learn, nor did I need to. I positioned the journal on my nightstand and referred to as my mother and father.

A number of weeks handed after I showed the journal to my mother and father. They thought it was odd and stated that they might look into issues, but advised me not to fear an excessive amount of about it. That was easier stated than achieved, however I tried my greatest. Since I didn’t have a job lined up, I had been actively looking for something since my school commencement. One morning, I decided to verify a number of the native job postings to see if there was anything new. I pulled up the web site on my telephone and commenced scrolling via. Instantly, one caught my eye. It was an assistant groundskeeper place at the cemetery. There was nothing written, aside from “apply in individual.” It didn’t pay very much, nevertheless it was sufficient that may permit me to keep my house and pay my bills. On prime of that, I might have the ability to grasp round in the cemetery I had beloved since I used to be a kid. However most interesting of all, was the truth that I might possible be working with that strange man. The groundskeeper. The one I believed my grandfather wrote about. I might have let this go, but I felt as though I wanted solutions.

I adopted the instructions and utilized the following week.

At the moment is my first day.

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